1. Ive seen people with diabetes completely reverse their diabetes permanently! And it cured my arthritis completely.
    I believe its a miracle cure for alot of health problems

  2. I literally just read an ncbi article on deer velvet which shows positive effects. These guys are spewing bullshit and haven’t read any articles.

  3. "it doesn't work"

    –Doctor who never actually studied it or had patients who tried it.

    Typical CNN bullshit.

  4. If you want to learn about deer antler velvet in more detail, we have a great (hype and BS free) source of information here on our website: https://velpure.net/apps/help-center. We are a small company that supplies the best quality New Zealand red deer antler velvet extract available anywhere, called VelPure Ultra. Our deer are humanely and sustainably raised on open pasture in the South Island of New Zealand, and live long and happy lives. Our product is GMO, hormone, gluten, corn, yeast, and preservative free. Beware of sites that are heavy on hype, but sell low quality deer antler velvet products made from the cheapest quality raw materials from parts of the world where the deer are not raised humanely.

  5. After hearing about it from some of my peers, I started using deer antler. It has been over a month now and I have noticed some pretty amazing benefits. It may not work from everyone, but for the person that matters the most, me, it does. There are a lot of products out there – I use the most expensive one by Antler Farms because I believe it is the best quality. 

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