Why GNC Slumped During The Vitamin Supplement Boom

For decades GNC has been the one-stop shop for vitamins, muscle building protein powder packs and practically every variety of weight-loss product. From New England to Southern California, chances are if you ever needed a potassium boost there was a GNC at a mall nearby. But the company that urged Americans to “Live Well” has fallen on tough times. In June 2020 GNC filed for bankruptcy with plans to close about 1,000 locations — more than 10 percent of its global footprint.

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Why GNC Slumped During The Vitamin Supplement Boom


  1. I worked for GNC for 7 years and this was bound to happen but the main reason I think is the upper management. I've never worked with such a large group of weird, and shady people. They got what they deserve 🤪 My area manager aka Wannabe manager no extra pay was a straight creep who went to court with atleast 5 females for sexual harassment and somehow they didn't fire him. Dude lived with his mom and way over 50 years old! Someone I hired climbed the ladder a d told me one day that they companies plan with me was to train future managers and due to me being mwxican atleast in my circle I would never climb up and she was dead serious. I left many years ago and to see this makes me very happy 👍

  2. I ordered cases of 5 oz. black licorice trays direct from the Red Vines web store, and I just finished a black licorice heavy diet for health purposes (Ayurveda), so there may be other delicious supplemental treats options for GNC products as well.

  3. I like using The Ordinary brand Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% from Ulta. It is like a supplement-related beauty product at an affordable price.

  4. 3:43 when there are Keto products around, it means there are jerks in the area. Meat is doing bad things for world economy, politics, and societies. Room for growth in vegetarian lifestyle.

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  6. I can spend 80 bucks on a bulk supplement site for every possible chemical my body needs for the rest of my life, or I can skip out on my car payment to shop at gnc once a month. Legit, I think a gnc cashier's job consists of watching random people walk in, watch them slink their head back after seeing a price tag, and then watch them leave.

  7. obviously their product has no effect at all. when all their consumers start to know this, they start to get bankrupted. I would not donate even one penny to them anymore. the price surprised me, but function surprised me more.

  8. Because they made a living tricking people into thinking they couldn't just go on Amazon and buy the same supplements for half the price.

  9. Worked as a sales associate for 1 year and I hated it. Company always forced us to be pushy and suggest unneeded products to customers, that might of worked in the 90s but in the internet age that doesn’t work anymore considering people have internet in their pocket..

  10. It doesnt make sense to buy a higher priced food supplement when you are already eating a healthy diet which that is already expensive. It also doesnt make sense to eat cheap unhelathy high calory food and then take healthy supplements. Nothing make sense really when a product is supposed to be a supplement but the price is more expensive than the primary meal

  11. Lack of training for employees, very high prices, horrible product selection for plano grams, and stagnant product line

  12. im surprised they dont see a correlation between gyms closing and reduction in gnc sales during covid . Ive rarely heard of anyone buying general health vitamins from gnc mostly protien, and work out supplement – if people aren't workout , they arent taking supplements, pre workouts, post workouts etc

  13. GNC is history. Only the naive go there now like myself 12 years ago. Local supplement stores are cheaper and even better Amazon and Walmart delivers supplements for free if you order over 35 dollars worth.

  14. Filing for bankruptcy because:

    1) the sale garbage
    2) it’s cheaper online

    That should just about cover it.

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  16. I’ll add something to this analysis; with the increase in information, health conscious people look frequently for individual elements to improve health. There are in the teens, delivery systems for magnesium and loads of info online about which does what.
    GNC’s adherence to marketing ploys that combined different elements under a concept like testosterone boosting, hip and joint repair, etc didn’t allow for people wanting Magnesium Malate instead of Mag Oxide. Ever try to buy a simple bottle of Tocopherols instead of a product to boost skin repair?
    The rising age of the citizen scientist, those savvy people reading health studies for themselves sank GNC.

  17. Wow… I was wondering about what happened to them! I like the hands-on experience of physically holding and checking out supplements myself… But with that being said, I usually only bought their cheaper or discounted products anyway; you can buy protein powders, creatine, pre-workouts, vitamins and minerals elsewhere for much less expense. Think about it: why buy a tub of whey protein, for example, for 2-3× the price of buying it somewhere else? They hype up and push their products, but outside of any specialty vitamin cocktails they're essentially the same thing as you can find at your nearest Wal-Mart… In fact, Wal-Mart has even been selling some of their products for awhile now – and for half the price of at a GNC. Makes no sense.

  18. Plus location location- with so many being located in malls that have been suffering due to poor foot traffic 😬

  19. I worked there. They were not competitive and greedy as hell. Amazon could have beaten them under any circumstances. I wanted to help people, they just wanted me to sell, sell, sell. Many of the customers were driven by Woman's World magazine of all stupid things. Mention a product in that magazine and people would queue up for it. No one cared what worked, only what corporate wanted to push that week. You could tell people the weight loss products were BS but they wanted to believe so bad they'ed buy them at any price. Helping people was nice when it rarely worked but most people are resistant to help and good information.

  20. GNC is as useful as t*ts on a boar. Supplements are nothing more than candy tabs. They have no value in the body. Food already provides all the vitamins and minerals needed. People self-medicate and throw $ away.

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