Why Do Depression and Anxiety Go Together?

Even though depression and anxiety are different types of disorders, they tend to go together. But why can it happen?

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Hosted by: Brit Garner
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  1. It was not been easy for me but thank God for life today by the help of Dr Ado no YouTube I got rid of Genital herpes after 16 days of using his herbal medicine now I'm cured

  2. Dope your anxious children so they won't learn about how to change the world for the better and grow up into depressed, helpless adults, so their children will be anxious and grow up into depressed adults…in any case let's make sure those drug company executives are happy and well-adjusted.

  3. Going through dark times right now. Loved the content but
    The fast paced speech stressed me
    Out 😅 i really need to calm

  4. very nice video I m also a psychology student……. last 2 years se me bhot tension depression me thi studies ko lekar then mujhe kese ne planet Ayurveda ke bare me pta laga then mane treatment start keya or mane bhot jaldi recover keya

  5. Why does she keep on saying ant-I depressants? While I'm 100% sure it's pronounced an-tee depressants. This hostess has completed her video, but the nerdy guy is a lot better.

  6. So of you have both what is the short name for it cuz I have anxiety and just diagnosed with depression as well

  7. I started with GAD (from trauma and undiagnosed ADHD) and it wrecked my life in my teens and early twenties. I was trapped in my house with no future and ended up feeling hopeless. One day I just started having episodes of total apathy. One minute I was worried about everything, the next I didn't care if I lived or died. I'd snap out and be terrified. After one episode I was admitted to the hospital.

    I had been on over 20 different ssri meds since I was 13 and none ever worked, but the medicine Mirtazapine helped for a while. I'm not on ADHD meds and can control my thoughts so much better now. My Anxiety is so much easier to manage now that I can actually focus my brain 👍 Anxiety and depression definitely go together, but I think also can cause the other, at least Anxiety can cause depression.

  8. from my experience anxiety is just depression masked by a lot of stress.
    as soon as I was done with what was making me stressed out, that's when I really crashed

  9. Why, oh why, was I born so long before this kind of thing was being learned? I probably won't live to see any benefit from it…

  10. My friends: exists

    One part of me: yay I love having friends theyre amazing yay

    My social anxiety: OR ARE THEY? vsauce music plays

  11. When someone asks where did anxiety come from I think
    Anxiety is the cousin depression felt obligated to bring to the party
    I am the party

  12. Great video, thanks! Nutrition is a very important factor to consider with anxiety and depression! Depression can result from a B12 deficiency, while anxiety can result from deficiencies in magnesium, vitamin B6, vitamin D, and more!

  13. Very few psychologists understand that depressed people cannot be anxious. It's impossible. Physiologically and chemically impossible. Anxious people, while they can have a low mood, they can experience arousal. Fear and worry is a state of arousal, although it's not very pleasant especially when it become anxiety, lasting months.

    I think in anxious people, low mood is often confused with depression.

  14. The slobs around you that cause you to stay there are the ones that should be in the mental institution, thank you !

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  16. Fight of Flight is a bit antiquated. We know now that there is also a Freeze response, and a Fawn response.

  17. Anti depressions don’t work for some people. Tried all for long periods of time each. Nothing works. Text book for both diagnoses but does not work.

  18. Anxiety: "My central nervous system is working over time…this is stressful." Depression: "Man, I'm tired of this nonsense."

  19. To treat my GAD I need one med for my Med I need a different one because my GAD med doesn't help me not feel sad and numb while my MDD meds don't make me less on edge. Then there is one I take just to help both work better.

  20. Dealing with Anxiety and Depression for almost 40 years! It totally suxs!!
    Living like your on a rollercoaster with ups (anxiety) down's (depression).

  21. I get anxiety when others get it around me cause I was raised that your weak if you have fear so growing up I expected people to not be afraid of things and it weird me out when others freak out over things.

  22. Psychologically I think anxiety comes first when someone faced with a problem, when they get fed up fighting that problem then comes depression. But anxiety persists underneath depression and ready to come out and fight when needed. Anxiety for some extent is a normal thing for most people in today's society but for those who's minds cannot cope with that pressure will eventually break and go for the over drive.

  23. Really helpful, thank you. Especially the parts about helpless/hopeless, and that people experience D & A differently.

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