Why Anxiety Affects Your Sleep… & Vice Versa (& How to Cope)

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Can’t sleep? You’re not alone – 60+ million Americans have anxiety that affect your sleep. Here’s why anxiety affects your sleep… & vice versa.

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Can’t sleep? You’re not alone. More than 40 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders – and another 20 million have trouble sleeping in general. And those are just the people who have actually reported sleep issues. We all can relate to having trouble falling asleep because, according to Dr. Judith Joseph, everyone has some degree of stress or anxiety in their lives. Our sit-down with Dr. Joseph will give you the tools to deal with that stress and anxiety and overcome insomnia. First, you’ll learn about the science of sleep, when sleep issues become an actual sleep disorder, and why stress can affect your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. You’ll also learn self-help strategies for getting a good night’s sleep, how to find the right sleep specialist, and all the treatment options available for anxiety and sleep disorders. This class will teach you how to cope with stress and sleep soundly.


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  2. Im not diagnosed with anxiety or a sleep disorder but I’ve been not able to sleep for the last 6 weeks where I can’t fall asleep during the night becuase I relate night to danger I just can’t sleep and I get intrusive thoughts like what if my building Breaks down and I die I feel like I will die if I go to sleep before 5 am

  3. When I try to sleep I just get some anxiety and I get out of bed then the anxiety is gone but then I got back to the bed then I get the anxiety

  4. I was always struggling to focus on my goals, but Forwago's personalized plans really helped me to do it. I know it is not much, but I finally have started to work on achieving my goals and I keep making progress.

  5. when i can’t sleep i panic especially when i’ve been awake for a long time and find myself having the most trouble sleeping on days where i was busy and got a lot of exercise does anyone else feel this way?

  6. Despite what medical advice says some people naturally take 1 hour to fall asleep, i have since the day i was born and a lot of people are the same too, it just all depends how long it takes a person to settle down. Computers these days also disrupts the sleep schedule because of the light from the screens keep your mind active, plus cos it's addictive it makes you stay up later and later but you just have to stay away from as many addictive thing as possible that you do online that includes Social Media.

    Best thing to do is turn your lights off in your room or living room 5 hours before bed and lay off the social media… honestly i would delete FB, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit etc… you don't need them it's not useful for any of us if we don't have a business of something… i just got rid the last my Twitter the other day and honestly nothing changes if your not on it and i don't miss it just like i don't miss FB or Reddit so that would be hugely good for your mental health and sleep.

    Get more comfy about 5 hours before bed too let that be the start of your time winding down, put on your PJs and then lay back and watch your fave shows or something, but don't be thinking about too much and chatting on social media it's not gonna help it hasn't whenever i've done it, then 15 – 20 mins before the time you've set to go to bed shut down and then get into bed. This has worked for me before and i want to get back onto doing that but you have to keep your set bed time.

  7. Iam not going to lie I've been deal with this since 2015 and iam at my end of the road.I have PTSD,anxiety and I just address a trauma from a child I just address with my parent so iam over my peek

  8. Love you all. "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation present your requests to God by prayer with thanksgiving. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding shall guard your minds and hearts in Christ Jesus." Phil 4:6–7

  9. So lately, I've been having this sleep problem that keeps me awake at night. Whenever I am about to fall asleep and have a glimpse of my dream, my body automatically wakes me up for some reason even without interruptions. I wear earplugs and all I see and hear nothing during these moments. It's like drifting into subconsciousness just to only be brought back to reality. I experience this for hours before being able to sleep and it drives me crazy. The last time I experienced this was during a traumatic event. Now, this feeling triggers every time I get woken up during my sleep by a sudden noise. Then a day after that, whenever I sleep, I get woken up for no reason even though if my surroundings are quiet and dark regardless of being happy, sad, stressed or angry. This kind of sensation lasts for about a day but now, it lasted for three days.

    Someone please help…

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  15. It’s annoying when you try to sleep and then when you give up and look at a time an hour has passed and you still can’t sleep.

  16. Not all of us typing „anxiety sleeping problems“ to see if we can actually still sleep or if we should just stay awake 😉

  17. I just been hit again at work and in my family and just when I think I am solving it something happens to hit me again..

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