What's normal anxiety — and what's an anxiety disorder? | Body Stuff with Dr. Jen Gunter

Everyone gets anxious at times, but how can you tell when it crosses the line and needs attention? Dr. Jen Gunter shares the science behind your brain’s threat-detection system, what makes it malfunction and the most effective ways of treating it.

Think you know how your body works? Think again! Dr. Jen Gunter is here to shake up everything you thought you knew — from how much water you need to drink to how often you need to poop and everything in between. This TED original series will tell you the truth about what’s *really* going on inside you. (Made possible with the support of Oura)

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  1. I have anxiety disorder. I just get a thought i deny it but it sticks in my face like "Boo look this thought haha your being controlled or something yeah be scared" tip to anyone who suffers it like me always try to self reason with yourself and think rationally focus on the bad collect your mind and answer the bad sides questions it'll filter them out

  2. Anxiety also arouses from being bullied and attaining the subsequent paranoia about people and the uncertain world around you.

  3. Excellent video! If I could point out one thing though, it's that with certain anxiety disorders such as OCD, talk therapy isn't always the best the option. With this kind of anxiety disorder, talk therapy can actually make things worse because it feeds into the anxiety and intrusive thoughts of a sufferer. Trying to analyze whether a thought is true or not with OCD tends to keep the person stuck in their mental cycles, because it sends a message to the brain that their thoughts are real, tangible threats instead of just weird thoughts.

    I'm not saying that talk therapy isn't effective. I'm also not trying to say that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is bad or useless. I think it's a wonderful tool for anxiety disorders, and that Exposure Response Prevention therapy (ERP), a kind of CBT, is truly the gold standard for treating OCD. I just wanted to make this distinction as someone who has OCD and suffered from it for a long time before getting proper help.

    Thank you Ted and Dr. Gunter for covering this topic!

  4. "It's all in your head."
    Me: "Of course it's all happening inside my head! That's where my brain is at you moron!"

  5. What happens when your fears are based on real threats
    like job insecurity, financial problems, health etc. ?

  6. Great knowledge.. but your only response to treatment is medication.. and breathing which is great, but what about herbs, meditation, exercise, what about everything else

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  8. It can be so crippling for sure. Panic attacks anxiety its rough and can take all your good abilities away and cause so many problems in your life. Anybody going through mental health problems don't be afraid to talk to someone and make all around lifestyle changes. Where living in times where anxiety is at an all time high. Keep up the good fight and faith and lets beat this together.

  9. “some have been dismissed or minimized in the past and don’t think seeking help will do any good” so true!!! i spoke to a school psychologist about my suspected social anxiety when i was 14. he asked me if i felt scared in crowds, to which i said “not really”. he then said that because i was able to speak to him properly, i must just be unlucky to not have had any friends for 3 years. he didn’t ask me about anything else. not about how i blush, my heart races and i sweat when even the slightest amount of attention is on me. or how i want to run away from the situation because i know people will notice my anxiety. or how i spend days, weeks or months overthinking any social interaction i have. i’m 17 now and finally seeking help because of how worried i am about my future.

  10. Sometimes i thought i have anxiety because I got some of the symptoms that she described but every time I’m like « Noooo shut up!! You’re just faking. You’re just seeking for attention «  so i just handle it until it kills me slowly inside and i exploded and no one understands that and think that I’m crazy

  11. Help me. I have anxiety but NONE of the responses and reactions happen to me but anciety IS there so much that it affects me physically. I don't feel anything I am relaxed by what I know and feel but the anxiety is there in my brain and I can't even figure when my anxiety kicks in so I don't know what to do. I do sleep more and do meditation but. I have got writer's cramp and is NOT coming under control even after taking many medicines because the main reason is anxiety which is not allowing it to decrease.

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