What is the Cycle of Anxiety?

When left untreated and unaddressed, anxiety has a tendency to grow. This is explained by the cycle of anxiety.

When the uncomfortable symptoms of anxiety feel like too much, one of the simplest ways to feel better is avoidance. This means avoiding the source of anxiety, or numbing the uncomfortable feelings. The good news is, avoidance works… for a little bit. The bad news is, the relief that avoidance brings is temporary, and the anxiety tends to come back worse than before.

Download the accompanying cycle of anxiety worksheet on Therapist Aid:


  1. So avoid school? Bettt 😎

    Edit: i have to face the fact i have to go school…yeaaa ima stay at home im never gonna be comfortable with school😶‍🌫️

  2. I’m not sure if it’s ainxiety but I play a sport where I think I suck, and everytime I make a simple mistake I cry inside and I just hate it. I faced my fear but it isn’t helping, I’ll just try to get through the summer

  3. what if you have capability to be everywhere and anyone? you always aim high and end up jumping too high you aim for fastest leap time you beat it by a lot and have fun with it to a point that people hate you…. well you make enemies attempting to trip you on way of your life! how do you deal with that… the other day I met singer who struggle with making new songs… I helped him/her write song of his/her life and simply had fun with it… reached the deepest feelings I had…. I set the bar high! but I was brutally beaten down by life and people in it! have hard time trusting anyone! now how does one deal with that? I take chances and each time something doesn't go my way I feel as if one struck a dagger in my chest yet I endure the pain and go on as if nothing ever happened 🙁 well thats my life 🙁 sometimes people even think im crazy simply because I can take so much but pain is there and I ought to live with it and forgive others just to move forward and focus on life and days that matter… I do the unthinkable and succeed without ever caring to take credit for it.. I set the bar and it feels like each and every time I battle myself! now when you are so sick good people like to look for your weak sides and explore your weakness to humiliate you etc.. this is what real life looks like! there is no medication that will ever help you with anxiety you just have to find the balance and set the level low just so next time you attempt whatever you leave yourself room to beat it and not over impress everyone else….

  4. If you have anxiety and someone tell you about AMSR they are not! your friend. The community, people and the ASMR itself will increase your anxiety stay away from it .

  5. My wife was sick from this for many years. She tried many therapies as well as medications but there was no relief. Then we visited planet Ayurveda. Their doctor gave her some medicines and also asked her to follow a proper diet chart given by them. Now she is recovering very fast.

  6. I think covid has made it easier for me to become so avoidant. I've always had anxiety but its never been this bad. Thank you for the information though! I think understanding this better will help me get through this.

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  8. This is very much me. I'm having a lot, A LOT of anxiety right now to the point where I feel helpless. I feel like there's no escape. So much so that what I initially thought I wanted I don't know if I want that anymore. How do I know what I actually want compared to anxiety that tricks me?

    I don't know what to do, I have to decide whether to stay home and do university or leave home and go to a different university with accommodation. But the main thing isn't even University I just think that going to another place may make me feel less lonely as I'll be forced to meet new people. I have people back home but I still feel lonely. I don't know what to do it ain't really about university it's more to do with the freedom of being able to socialise better. But I have no idea if moving will make my life better, worse or it won't be that much different to staying home. Time is running out, and I feel helpless. I often think of suicide cos the feeling is sooo much. I've just done my first year ALL online cos of covid and it was so boring and bad. I'm so alone. I did my first year at home cos I thought if by the end of the year things get better we'll actually have a normal first year and if I like it I can't stay home. But that didn't happen we just stayed online. No one can help me, and I feel helpless. I don't know what to do.

    If I feel like I make the wrong decision i.e. what choice has the best outcome? And choosing wrong will result in me being more depressed and lonely which I don't want.

    I'm breaking down and I'm lost.

  9. I can't believe that this 34 year old veterinarian whom i know is so anxious about going out that she has ended the relationship by telling lies about me.

  10. Anxiety you say?
    Cycle of anxiety you say?
    How do you get money from government due to my severe anxiety. this should be the main topic.

  11. That may work dandy for social anxiety and GAD, even the OCD, but I can't ever imagine it working on something like somatic symptom disorder. If someone say has a sinus headache and they are consumed by fear its tumor, how does a therapist "safely" expose them to the trigger? By injecting them smaller doses of nitroglycerine? Smacking them around their nose? Making them sniff pepper?
    Or lets say a person has palpitations, and are scared it's a dangerous arrhythmia? How does a therapist expose one to that? CBT is a wonderfully useful and versatile, but by no means a cure all!

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