What is Medigap? (Medicare Supplement Insurance Explained)

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Medigap is another name for Medicare Supplement insurance. These plans are offered by private insurance companies, and they fill in the “gaps” that your Original Medicare benefits don’t pay. In other words, Medigap pays the Medicare coinsurance, co-pays and deductibles that you are responsible for, so you don’t have to pay them.
Medigap Plans offer you the freedom to choose you own doctors, and there are no plan networks. These plans also travel with you, so you have coverage nationwide (and many Medigap Plans also include foreign travel medical benefits too).
In many parts of the country, Medigap Plan G pricing starts at around $80-$130/month for a 65 year old, depending on the Plan and your area.
The best time to enroll in Medigap is when you are newly eligible for Medicare Part B – after that, you could be subject to medical underwriting, and potentially denied coverage based on your health.

Medigap vs. Medicare Advantage Plans:
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  1. Hi Stephanie, I have a question. I'm turning 65 in July. in order to apply for Medigap do I have to do it before enrolling for part A and B or it can be after enrolling? I also would like to know when is the time frame to enroll to Medigap? Thanks!

  2. Is medicare obligated to cover all unexpected medical issues for example arthritis, alzheimer’s disease, cancer, mental diseases, respiratory diseases? If there is something medicare will NOT cover, is it more likely the insurance company will also NOT cover it?

  3. My mom qualified for disability and Medicaid when she was 55. It looks like she was enrolled in Medicare advantage. Wondering if she would be able to potentially sign up for medigap when she turns 65 if by any chance she doesn’t qualify for medicaid at that time.

  4. Thanks for the nice presentation I'm actually studying for my health license here in Nevada and this answered a lot of my questions concerning Medigap

  5. Do you have to go through medical underwriting when going from plan F to G with the same company as your plan F when outside of your 6 month window?

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