What are the Best Medicare Supplemental Plans?

Best Medicare Supplemental Plans // Don’t let Medicare supplement plans confuse you. Medicare School Daily is here to tell you the best Medicare supplemental plans for 2020. We will compare medicare supplement plans. Medicare 2020 questions? MedicareSchool.com will answer all of your Medigap 2020 questions and help you navigate medicare supplement plans.

With so much conflicting and confusing information surrounding Medicare, it’s easy to feel unsure about how to choose the best plan(s). At MedicareSchool.com, we empower you with the knowledge and guidance you need to get the best Medicare plans and live retirement worry-free.
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  1. Do you have any other questions regarding the best Medicare supplemental plans? What supplemental plan are you on?

  2. Thank you very much for your videos. Your explanation is very informative and easy to absorb. I wish that I could find a video which explains in what situation, one person may be declined by either a Medicare Supplement Insurance Carrier or a Part D plan, when they apply for switching from one carrier to another.

  3. I have original medicare. I'm 70 with a plan G supplemental from Aetna. My regular doctor visits are billed to me directly and I have to pay them out of pocket. Is this correct?

  4. I have an advantage plan Aetna plan G is that better than a supplemental? I have very few medical needs at the moment and no medication’s.

  5. Regardless of which Medigap plan I choose, won't I need a separate plan (Part D) for prescription drugs?

  6. One thing that was not mentioned is that if you choose a supplemental plan, for example a G plan, every G plan pays the exact same thing. The only difference between G plans is the name of the company and how much they charge. You can contact your state's Agency on Aging to get info on your local Medicare SHIP where counselors can help you make informed decisions.

  7. Cms Medicare has a U.S.Doj government health insurance grievance procedure t18cfr242crime, designed to pervert and obstruct the course of regarding ( usurping district court judges jurisdiction ), enacted to criminally deny contracted Medicare benefits and services – adverse determinations. U.S.Doj collects voluntary fines on each defrauded individual, civil and crime victims rights are denied.

  8. You didn't cover the exceeds charges right in most cases 97% of doctors who take Medicare don't charge exceeds charges plus the F plans are no longer available after 2020.

  9. The G Plan has worked well for me. I purchased aarp UHC supplemental for $145 month. Could use some help with the Plan D though as my prescription drug needs evolve. Right now have Wellcare for that at $20 per month. Price went up last year from $12 month.

  10. Thanks, this was excellent!. I'm already on Medicare since last year, born after 1/1/55 and so I picked Humana plan G as my supplement plan and so far happy with it.

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