What Anti Aging Supplements Should I Take? My Top 5

What anti-aging supplements should I take? Well, here’s my list if I could only have a maximum of 5 supplements.

My full supplement stack:

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  1. Dear All, before buying supplements from Amazon make sure it’s not fake. Prefer buying them directly from the source

  2. Which one of them should I avoid taking when I have had 3 years ago hormonal based Breastcancer and refused Tamoxifen? Cause I have big issues with brain fog and very low energy etc. I know from your other video you didn’t suggest NMN, but what else ?

  3. Fish is not a healthy source of omega 3 fatty acids due to heavy levels of mercury and micro-plastics and other contaminants . Better to get it from algae . In any case fish do not make omega 3 , they get it from the algae . Better to cut out the middle man and get it directly from the source .

  4. Dr Berg says Vitamin D is not toxic, you'd have to consume 100,000 – 200,000 IUs per day for many many years to make it affect u in any way negatively. So, no I don't believe this doctor who says it's toxic for you. It just has to be combined 10,000 IU of Vit.D to 100 mcg of K2 to balance out Calcium into the bones, they work together.

  5. Vitamin D = raw milk , eggs , fatty fish , K2=butter sauerkraut , mnm= cabbage brocc ,tomatoes, metaformin= green tea , nattle tea , pepper mint , cinnamon . i could go on , but take your pills , you are made for it and look so young

  6. No vitamin C? The world renown Linus Pauling suggested it over any supplement, yet you know more than him? I do not think so.

  7. People should know that there are two kinds of vitamin k2, natural and synthetic. The synthetic form is pretty common and is harmful. If you're going to take vitamin k2 be sure it is natural. The extra cost is worth it. Bronson k2 is synthetic.

  8. Daily: only magnesium, D3 and O3FAs. However, the other supps that I take are variable, complicated and depend on my diet and goals. I take alot of MSM, Chondroitin Boswellia Boron and Glucosamine due to tons of inflammation esp joints like knees. With these I don't take NSAIDs. I also take EEAs Creatine and Leucine on workout days. Thanks Dr Brad!

  9. 1. vitamin D3
    2. Vitamin K2 (MK-7 form)
    3. NMN
    4. Metformin/Berberine
    5. Sulforophane

    Honorable mentions:
    Hyaluronic acid
    Resveratrol/pterostilbene/oleic acid
    Omega 3

  10. 30 to 50 nanograms per Mil translates to how much IU in American dietary supplements? Dr Brad some of us like myself are not very familiar with some of the terms you use and in this case about nanogram per ML. It would help a lot if you could break these down to the level that would be more understandable by like of me. When i look at the labels for vitamins of any kinds of supplements, i see the units are listed as IU most of the time, so is it possible that you can also give us the measures in IUs please? Many Thanks,

  11. 1) Vitamin D (2000-4000 IU)
    2) Vitamin K2 (100 mmg)
    3) NMN (NR/NMN)
    4) Metformin or Berberine (2-3/week)
    5) Sulforaphane

  12. Brad. Can you update your Top 5? It’s been seven months and resveratrol is no longer in your stack. And NMN … Thanks!

  13. If I take Calcium for my osteoporosis, and I take NMN to help keep calcium out of my soft tissue, does the NMN cancel the supplemental calcium?

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