Vitamins and Supplements for Erections | Does L-arginine Work for ED?

In this video, I talk about vitamins and supplements for erections. I’m going to look specifically at what the science and data say about L-arginine, which is an amino acid precursor for the production of nitric oxide. Is L-arginine effective for erectile dysfunction (ED) – fact or fiction?

The bottom line is that it does work, but you need to take an adequate dosage for it to work.

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  1. Dr. Chan. If I start moving more, with jogging and aerobic exercises, will this help clean my arteries, and then my unit can RISE up hard for the occasion. ???

  2. With gratitude in my heart I wanna say a very big thank you to dr udoka on YouTube for helping me eradicate erectile dysfunction permanently

  3. The NOS stuff used to make me 'release' for over a metre far easily. L-Arginine-Keto-Gluturate I think it was called. It 100% worked.

  4. I started taking l-argenine to help with elevated blood pressure (not hypertensive, but a lot of stress hormones in my system) caused by PTSD, but it definitely has….. other benefits.

  5. I'm so excited. I finally got rid of my Herpes Simplex Virus 1&2 within just three weeks. Thank you 🙏🙏 Dr Alaho Olu on YouTube…..

  6. In the past 7 years of my life i have never been so embarrassed in my emotional life, i get ridiculed by my partners and i have had 6 breakups due to this problem, during my early youth days i was into high masturbation and this really affected me and i began to have premature ejaculation and weak erection problems. I have tried a lot of therapies and medication but none of them worked. I was opportuned to read a post of appreciation to Dr TOBELE  by someone (James Wong) of  how Dr TOBELE  helped him with a permanent cure and I contacted the doctor his via email and that was all. He sent me a very powerful medication which I used as he said. My erection is back real strong and with no side effects and i can perform crazily in bed now (lol). Do not hide in silence, weak erection (ED) has a permanent cure and I am a living witness of it. You too can contact him on (  or you can whatsapp him (+2349133831398)
    Thank you doctor for helping me out of shame and disgrace 
    Once again thank you doctor

  7. My friends husband used L – Arginine for one month and he broke with acne all over his upper body and face. He stopped the Arginine and it took three months to clear the acne.

  8. Several years ago I was able to get a sublingual NO red tablet at my health food store. It really worked. I don’t remember the brand. I wish they still made it.

  9. Hello doctor, I'm an invalid man with diabetes type 2 and epilepsy included anti-depressiva medication. Can I took the L-arginine? So yes how many on one day? Thanks

  10. Doc, can you do another video on Citrulline? Arginine is widely used in many Pre-Workout products out in the market

  11. Hello doctor, how long can we safely take this supplement for? Can we continuosly take it for 6 months or years?

  12. It works for me. I am 62 and am taking the Ariginine supplement for overall health and was surprised at the effect on my mild ED. It also gives me more endurance when I workout. Good stuff.

  13. Hi doc. I don’t have difficulty getting erections. But I don’t feel my erections are strong. I’m only 24 yrs. Is it safe to take it to improve my erections? Thank you.

  14. I take 6 grams of L citrulline (3 in morning 3 at night) every day and it still doesn’t help me much. i smoked for the last 15 years and i think that’s why . planning on quitting and hopefully will solve it!

  15. Hi doc great video, So what supplements do you recommend taking? can you combine L arginine and L citruline? , I have been taking these one night stand pills over the counter but I cant take the side effects as you mentioned headache,stuffy nose and tired. I'll wait for the next video 🙂 , I just started taking maca but Im not sure if it its good. Thanks 🙂

  16. Hey doc, im a teenager who wants to take l-arginine. Do you know if this could cause ED if i get off of it after using it or if i use it in general?

  17. Hey doc, a couple years ago I suffered electrical shock. Since then I have noticed that my member size has shrunk by about 1/4th. I did try to look things up online, which I couldnt find anything. I did find something saying your waistline (a bit fatter) can shrink your size. Is there anything I can do to correct the difference. Working out is harder to do due to my injury (harder to breath without my oxygen tank) because of some internal damage

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