Vitamins and Supplements: An Evidence-Based Approach

(2:50 – Main Presentation) Dr. Jeffrey Tice, UCSF Department of Medicine, looks at vitamin use and the benefits and harms from these dietary supplements. [11/2013] [Show ID: 25642]

Please Note: Knowledge about health and medicine is constantly evolving. This information may become out of date.

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  1. Well in 2021 the thinking has changed. The RDA of vitamin D is actually way too low…We really need 60-80 Vitamin D to be optimally heath. Since most people are deficient in D, taking 10,000IU per day for some time is not an unreasonable undertaking. – Careful as this video is outdated to some degree in terms of some supplementation discussed.

  2. Nowadays since covid 19 most persons not working , no employment , how can we afford to buy good fruits & veggies or vitamins to norish our bodies to be healthy ,,,, l think you guys can help by making these things more affordable to reach our pockets , everything is very expensive now

  3. Omega 3 have a anti inflammatory effect in me If I don't take them I have joint pain. My knees swell more. if I eat walnuts hemp seeds, flax meals china seeds I don't experiences the effects of arthritis. I can workout seriously. Which for me lowering pain and swelling in my knee.joints

  4. I've been depressed for years, but in 2020 I got Achalasia, lost 60 kg in 10 months. I got the Heller Myotomi surgery in mach. But due to severe lack of nutrition, I was put on triple dose of Vitamin D3, B1, B3, B6, and B9 and B12. a month before the surgery.
    After 2 months on these (I'm now six months in an down to double dose instead of tripple), my year long depression just vanished.
    Why did no doctor check for vitamin deficiency? I could have saved myself a decade of depression.
    Thank you Achalasia

  5. Good lecture, I think the statement not to bother with Omega fish oils based on the the probability that prescribed Statins drugs did roughly the same thing was inconclusive.

  6. What did they do, put these people on supplements and surveilled them till they died? Were their other habits recorded? Diet, lifestyle, genetics, vices, stressors? I personally find that none of the information presented here is viable or conclusive evidence that supplementation is harmful in any way.

  7. Eat. real. food.
    Eat vegetables, at least half a kilo a day.
    Eat eggs daily. Stay away from artificial and processed food.

    And you're healthy.
    No supps, no bullshit.

  8. So, watching this 7 years later, the recommended dose is now 2,000IU instead of 6-800IU of Vitamin D. That's a big change.

  9. An utter muppet, more so for advocating statins as more and more doctors becoming aware of statin dangers!!!


    They (American Medical Association) know that vitamins work so they're going to go in there and bash them to keep America hooked on their pills that will kill your liver and kidneys in just a short time of taking them.
    The gig is up bubba!

  11. I'd like to see a debate between Dr. Tice and Dr. Alpha Fowler III

    This guy sounds like a bad undergraduate book report, he's all over the place doesnt really cite any research only circumstantial incidences.
    The quality of vitamins is not reported.

    Complete nonsense passed on to the unsuspecting public.
    If anything this guy sounds like the pharma companies paid him to do 'research' on the 'pros and cons of vitamin supplements.'
    Sorry to ruin your career 'Doctor', a life time of doing nothing is not going to cut the mustard.

  12. It's good he didn't start the talk with his last item, the one where he says beef fat/saturated fat is bad… I probably would have turned off the video right then.
    I feel there surely a lot of good stuff here, but the last part about omega-3s and fats in general… Uhhh… Seen a lot that contradicts this.

  13. He begins by asking how many people in the audience take vitamin supplements.
    And he ends up saying, just eat healthy food and you will be fine.
    Yet he forgets to ask the audience how many of them eat a perfectly healthy and balanced diet.
    He presents two contradictory studies, both with a very low p value. So for me the bottom line is, take your doctor's advice and don't trust too much in studies.

  14. The problem with this whole lecture is that you are only hearing what Dr. Tice is presenting. You are not able to see all of sample size data (control vs. study group) and hence, if this presentation is factored in, you must make decisions based only on the conclusion of the study. Take the CARET study (13:33) – "18,000 people followed" – How many took the supplements how many placebo? I don't know, I don't think he said. But what I (and you) remember is something like "Take beta-carotene and you might die!" Irresponsible conclusion at best! The graph seems to show an increase in cumulative mortality of 1.5% (at the most). Now assume that half of the 18,000 are the control and the other half are test group. If this is a direct comparison, and if 200 of the control group (not on the supplement) died from all causes, then 203 of those on the supplement wold have died. So… about 200 from each group. Chances are, it's a relative risk factor that is being presented. If so, and if we assume 6,500 died in the control group, that a risk of 72.22% of death in the control group. 72.22 x 1.015 (to increase the control number by 1.5%) is equal to 73.31% in the supplement group, so 6598 deaths. 6598 minus 6500 is 98. in one example, we are talking about 3 more deaths out of 9000 and in the other we have 97 deaths out of 9000. So you can see how not knowing all of the facts can change your view of the few facts you are given.

    Also, this study centers around roughly 18,000 smokers, former smokers and people exposed to asbestos. No information about how many of each were present, total or in each group, or how those statistics correlate to the outcome of the study. And in the end, the conclusion is that based on this study, YOU, who may not smoke; or may not have been exposed to asbestos, and may not be between the ages of 45 and 74, and probably don't live in Seattle might die if you take antioxidants. Doesn't follow.

    Bottom line, you have a choice to either read the study for yourself or accept the conclusion given by the presenter complete with whatever bias he may be motivated by. As to bias, I think he tips his hand when he speaks about cod liver oil and comes to the conclusion that cod liver oil has no effect because now we have statins. Absurd! So statins, with all of their side affects, are to be preferred over cod liver oil – a food with no known side affects? Preposterous! He totally sacrifices all of the other possible benefits of cod liver oil from joint health to neural function and replaces it with "No one who has a heart attack leaves the hospital without a prescription for statins". He irresponsibly ignores the fact that only 1 out of 13 people who have a heart attack outside of the hospital survive it!

    I don't know… This looks like more manipulated information designed to get people in the medical system.

  15. Given old and recent vit c research To quote another =As to bias, I think he tips his hand when he speaks about cod liver oil and comes to the conclusion that cod liver oil has no effect because now we have statins. Absurd! So statins, with all of their side effects, are to be preferred ?

  16. People are so dietarily screwed up today that you can't do studies on vitamins and minerals and get accurate results.

  17. It’s simple folks don’t eat processed crap balanced diet some exercise don’t drink 🍷 too much be self responsible and do critical thinking don’t listen to this crap 🤪

  18. With Calcium there is a lot in the area I live which in turn furrs up the pipework and boilers so what does it do for our arteries. Water supplies are different in different areas in the UK but also in the rest of the world, in fact some areas are adding extra fluoride but not what I have heard of is the best kind of fluoride. It must make a difference regarding vitamins due to what the water contains as even plants have to have water to survive.

  19. As a board certified clinical nutritionist in private practice for over 25 years and teaching nutrition and supplements to the public, medical profession and holistic dentist for over 15 years this is so misleading and inaccurate that it is worse than useless. I teach an 18 hour course in the use of nutritional supplement and Dr. Tice should take my course. He could even take on on line. Not recommended for anyone unless you are trying to gain a great deal of mostly incorrect information

  20. in a reality this hour and a half could have been squeezed into a 20 minute talk if this dude would have left out everything that isnt informative. Like the sounds um, ah, uh

  21. Dr Tice talks about scurvy due to lack of Vit C but what about arctic explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson, who lived among the Inuit and who proved that the all-meat/fat diet they consumed did not lead to any vitamin deficiencies at all?

  22. I agree we need to emphasize magnesium, but also Potassium. I'm keto, so how do I intake the 3800 mg/day of required K+? We could also benefit from fat-soluble B1, thiamine, aka, Benfotiamine. Last question -Vitamin D – we know the skin-derived is superior but how do I get that when I live where for 4 months/yr, on average, outdoor temps exceed 110F?

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