Vagus Nerve Exercises To Rewire Your Brain From Anxiety

In this video I show you three vagus nerve exercises to rewire your brain from anxiety. I also share what anxiety actually is (and the surprising reason why it’s good for you) as well as what to do when anxiety hits.

Note: this content is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice, or as a substitute for the medical advice of a physician.

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0:00 How To Reprogram Your Brain From Anxiety
1:23 What Causes Anxiety
2:38 What Does Anxiety Feel Like?
4:30 What To Do When Anxiety Hits
5:17 Vagus Nerve Exercises To Rewire Your Brain From Anxiety
5:28 Vagus Nerve Exercises: Neck Mobility
7:36 Vagus Nerve Exercises: Rib Cage Mobility
11:42 Vagus Nerve Exercises: SCM Stretch

— Vagus Nerve Exercises To Rewire Your Brain From Anxiety —

If you’re someone who frequently struggles with anxiety — or even just worried thoughts — you might think your brain is broken.

Not true.

Anxiety is actually a survival mechanism.

It tells you when you’re in danger — or at least when your nervous system believes it is.

Anxiety tells you to step away from a high cliff edge so you don’t fall to your death. It warns you when a person has bad intentions (usually we call this intuition).

But we can experience anxiety in situations where we are actually safe — and that’s when it becomes a problem.

In these cases, your nervous system has gotten “stuck” in danger mode. The whole world suddenly looks like it’s out to get you.

Cue the anxiety!

This is a big problem because “danger” can look like making new friends or business connections.

It can mean putting yourself out there for a promotion or going for a big new client.

It can shake your confidence — literally, by giving you the jitters — before your big competition.

Anxiety can tell you to stay small, play it safe, keep to your lane — when what you really want is to reach for the stars.

Most anxiety treatments focus on changing your thoughts — thinking positively, using affirmations, etc.

Or, they might suggest taking a deep breath (hard to do when your diaphragm is frozen in fear — and yes, this happens).

What we really need are methods to jolt your nervous system out of danger mode and back into safe and happy mode (assuming you’re not actually in physical danger, of course).

This doesn’t happen at the thought level — it happens in your biology.

In your autonomic nervous system, to be exact.

Your vagus nerve is part of your autonomic nervous system and functions to help your body deal with stress.

This video gives you three vagus nerve exercises to rewire your anxious brain and bring you back to a centered state.

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  1. As always, check with your doctor before implementing any new exercises into your routine, especially if you have any pre-existing injuries or health conditions. If you feel any adverse effects, stop immediately and consult your physician. Check out this video next! –> Vagus Nerve Reset To Release Trauma Stored In The Body

  2. I find it extremely uncomfortable and anxious to keep my eyes to one side. As if they are going to get stuck there somehow. I'll keep trying!

  3. Thank you Sukie for introducing me to Rosenberg. My neck has been ultra-stiff for who knows how many decades? and guess what, nothing worked. But this did. and you made it so easy to see. Been doing it for 3 or 4 days. my neck feels like my new friend instead of my mortal enemy.

  4. Maybe a short to the point video with calming slower paced talking for those of us who are energy sensative or actually have anxiety 😅
    Thankyou for sharing these. The neck excercise while i do deep breathing have been immediately relieving my stress everytime!

  5. One more symptom that you are in a chronic state of anxiety: stiff and extremely tense spine (feeling of frozenness)

  6. I’ve heard so many people talk about how they are filled with anxiety and ha e panic attacks. When I shopping a couple weeks ago, I was talking to a woman. She was looking for something in the aisle and couldn’t find it. I helped her find the item that was right in front of her. She smiled and said “Thank you so much! I’ve had so much going on right now my mind is jumbled.” She laughed and said “I’m literally having a panic attack right now.” She laughed again and walked away singing the song that was playing. I thought to myself “She obviously has no idea what a real panic attack is”. I have them often. Usually when I’m by myself oddly enough. To be honest, I hear people say they are having a “panic attack” when they are actually just bringing on their own self induced drama. It kind of makes me mad how they reduce the actual terror of a panic attack that I suffer from to describe how they feel if things aren’t going their way.

  7. Great, I think you should tell people to do this twice a day. Thanks for making this easy. I do think you might want to make a version without the medical terms like “viscera” and maybe a bit shorter, called the “quicker start” version or something. I am a physician and will be referring patients to watch this!

  8. I had a Bell's Palsy episode about 15 years ago. The doctors told me they didn't know what was the cause, but it was doubtful that it was from stress. I have had my suspicions verified more during this 15 minute video that all of the MD's and personal research I've done in 15 years. I KNEW it was caused by stress. Thanks for the verification and the exercise.

  9. The last 5 days I’ve had attacks on my bathroom floor, causing nausea and vomiting, at the same time every morning for hours at a time. I just found this video, and I’m crying because I haven’t had relief all week. Thank you so much for this. ♥️

  10. I have a back condition of a herniated disc. Is it safe to bend into the C shape? I'm worried it may agrevate my injury.

  11. I had to stop after the second one I started crying so much. I didn't understand why but she said emotions could come up and to stop if you need to.

  12. Thank You. But Please. . . Could You find some relaxing background music . ? ! It is s o stressing what You have now. . Sad and contra productive for your great gifts. Thank You.

  13. This makes me think about kind of an elephant in the room based on what these exercises are doing… doesn't scoliosis create a stronger cyclical relationship with physical tension and stress? My wife has it and that explains why she's constantly anxious or depressed all the time.

  14. Hi Sukie, greetings from Indonesia 🙏.
    My question is whether these exercise applicable for kids with special needs like ADHD..?
    Thanks in advance. I'd appreciate your feedback

  15. my experience of anxiety matches what she says. i m safe things are going ok in mylife, but i have discomfort in my solar plexus. thanks

  16. Wow, Thank you! This one really increased my side-to-side range of motion! A lot less "crackling" as I turn my head as well! Calmer too!
    God Bless

  17. That was boring! I'll have to look up the word "vagus." I thought she was going to demonstrate "vaginal" exercises! Duh!

  18. Soo greatfull for all your knowledge ! This should be at the end of the nightly news . Rituals to heal as a nation .. your work may be more impactful than anyone realizes . Information like this is creating a better quality of life and saving countless lives . Sometimes people just need guidence through troubling times. U are fighting a corporate battle against drugs a worthy cause and i applaud it! 2.4 million views . If everybody shares this with 5 people who would benefit from this and they in turn did the same, the wave would impact the world! hope is a powerful drug..u deserve all the good you have coming and so does any one else reading this . BE KIND TO YOURSELF ,

  19. I almost cannot wait for my next anxiety attack at work, just so I can embarrass myself in front of all my employees doing these strange movements!

  20. It's interesting that you mention that many of your clients posture look like they are leaning back. A tight psoas muscle can cause the posture to do the same thing, and many people hold their emotions and trauma in their psoas. I do a lot of manual therapy on the psoas with the patients I see, and they sometimes they start to get very emotional and even start crying from relief.

  21. Thank you Ms. Baxter for your advice and instruction. – I would like to call attention to your choice of music for this video. This is merely a suggestion based on my own experiences as someone who has performed quite a few times during yoga classes. Though the emphasis on your video regards your verbal and visual instruction, I thought I should suggest that the music bed be slower and flowing and either absent a percussion track or percussion slowed and softened a lot. The effect on your video would be to slow and soften the perception for viewers who would like to move into a state of relaxation (or similar state.) – Again, this is merely a suggestion on how to tie together the perceived state of the different parts of your instructional video. – I hope it is ok to offer my suggestion. Thank you again for your instructions.

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