1. you seem to have a blue box – I ordered it and only got the bottle, is there a way to check if its genuine

  2. Useless product, I been taking it for 3 weeks straight, science product like this are just… minimum to nothing.. just a useless product.

  3. i had the persona nutrition supplements subscription for two months, i didnt find any big difference but knowing im taking a bunch of ready supplements packed in a small bag in the morning and in the afternoon makes me feel good, but i find it kind a expensive so i decided to search each supplements to buy it by myself to see if i could save some money. thats how i came across this true niagen that was included in one of my daily supplements. now im beginning to think, did it really work? the only thing i noticed is the price.

  4. I've been taking NR (nicotinamide riboside) for 3 years with dramatic results. I take Niagen (I'm sure other brands are just as good but this is the one I've been taking https://amzn.to/3xhr1nn ).

    Niagen is the trademark name for NR which is patented by Chromadex and licensed by them. So I'm assured of what I'm getting.

    NMN, on the other hand, has no such protection or guarantee of what you're getting.

    NR is the precursor of NMN, and it's ability to significantly raise NAD+ is proven. However, NMN, according to what I've read, cannot absorbed directly into cells. Instead, NMN must first be converted to NR, enter the cell that way, then be changed back to NMN.

    So what advantage is there to taking NMN?

    I decided to try it anyway. I am very sensitive to Niagen, with a plethora of symptoms that are quite debilitating if I don't take it, which Niagen rapidly relieves at a dose of 250-500mg.

    So for the last 2 days I've only taken this product, NMN. Tonight I had a strong resurgence of my symptoms, and even taking 500mg only partially relieved my symptoms, when the same dose of Niagen would completely relieve my symptoms.

    I ended up going back to the Niagen, and I feel much better.

  5. It needs to be released into the blood cells, but It can't do that if taken orally because it gets processed by the liver

  6. Just use 500 mg nicotinic acid. It increases NAD+ levels much better than this 300 mg of niagen shit.

  7. Does NAD help anxiety……..and sleep……..I am taking Real NAD plus only first day…..from Archway Apothacary

  8. The thing that im really curious about, is how much you should take to not make this supplement a replace for natural production of NAD+ or the usage of natural stored NAD+ and if there is higher risk of this happen taking it in young ages.

  9. If it doesn't infringe on your privacy too much, how old are you? What health habits, positive and negative, have you practiced in your life?

  10. fallacy of authority. just because a person whom studied in harvard told you so it doesn't necessarily mean it is true. of course to graduate there you have to be extremely smart and rich, but i wouldn't trust someone whom needs that raised bar of wealthy keep going, it is easy to lie since all rich are grief by definition. if they shared they would lose their fortune in the first time. and has money interests in conference and selling nad.

  11. More snake oil, come on FDA when you going to stop this crap-and Prevagen. You might think your memory is a little better when you put this stuff in your body, but what are the side effects to mankind long term.

  12. David Sinclair, the scientist who ran the Harvard study takes 1 gram everyday. That's 1,000 mg. If you are only taking 300 mg, this is not enough to achieve the anti again results that were seen in that study. So it's expensive if you want to do it right.

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