Tips From A Regulatory Professional – Before You Start A Dietary Supplement Company

An aspiring entrepreneur asked me how to start a dietary supplement business. A lot of companies do the basic things to start any business like marketing and branding but they forget the most obvious one – FDA and legal stuff! Here are three things you need to know before you start your very own supplement line.

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  1. Hello Brian! Do you think it would be best to get a sample product manufactured and FDA approved 1st so you don't have to worry about potential future lawsuits?

  2. insurance and what is the cost of the insurance to protect you from losing everything you own from a lawsuit… I've looked at 7 videos and nobodytalks about the most important thing liability insurance

  3. Do you have Wechat or whatsapp
    I would like to contact you
    Not much of an email person
    Line app is good also

  4. Thanks for the awesome video. I am working on my supplement product. I need your help with the Supplement Fact that goes on the lable. Do I really need a supplement fact for my product? If yes. Where can I get that?

  5. Can you speak on liability insurance also if it is a good idea to the manufacture insurance for private labeling? thanks in advance!

  6. Who to contact to make sure i'm complying with fda. Also I see why companies change their ingredients to fillers because the product was helping too many people.

  7. Hi there, can you help me setup a dietary supplement store on shopify? What would be the appropriate payment gateway?

  8. Thanks for the informative video. Would you happen to know a reputable third party manufacturer that maintains compliance with the FDA regulations?

  9. How can I verify that the products of a manufacturing company have been analyzed and see the reports. Thank you so much, your channel is very informative.

  10. What would be the step to check a manufacturing formation and claims that they are indeed certified and approved by the FDA and other certifications.

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