The WORST Supplements of 2021 – Avoid These!

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The WORST Supplements of 2021 – Avoid These!- Thomas DeLauer

Today we’re going to discuss some of the worst available supplements in 2021 that you do NOT need to be wasting your money on. Enjoy, and I’ll see you in the comments!



  1. I SAW AN article a bit ago when I was reading about Ubiquinol vs Ubiquinone and the article said vitamin E increased prostate cancer. Also I took calcium because I was on accutane and prednisone but when I went off prednisone I got multiple bacterial and fungal infections and got calcium deposits on my chest.

  2. Thanks for this video, was going through all your vitamin videos to find a calcium recommendation and was getting frustrated when I couldn't find one, and now I know why. I will cross it off the list!

  3. But vitamin e literally save my skin. I got dry flaky skin and acne. After i take vitamin e 400 iu my skin is SOFT and MOISTURIZED not to mention the acne is GONE

  4. I do feel that multivitamin derived from foods is your best bet.. since food is always bio available I take garden of life..also calcium in food for from garden of life has co- factors in it that aid absorption. So I half disagree with you..because multi vitamins are not useless..but it boils down to the quality of the multi. Also ascorbic acid vitamin C is useless what you want is C complex which also has co factors that aid absorption and gets the mineral where it needs to go.

  5. Glutamine has helped me a lot with IBS and leaky gut. Glutamine for me is mega super space supplement. It's all individual, so don't trust everything you hear on YouTube. He says one thing while promoting some crappy snacks that have never been tested.

  6. Antioxidants cna be bad for ya to?.vit e has to be 8 Tocopherols not one or 2 the kind bought in stores depletes e in body

  7. What about multivitamins with no opposing stuff? Like no calcium, no magnesium, no iron.. and has methylcobalamine instead of cyanocobalamine?

  8. It's so frustrating to see people trying to be doctor and carefully saying that they're not doctors but nevertheless continue finishing creating videos like this. You are not in a position to make any recommendations. Everything these days is about money and YouTubers keep producing videos to gain more money and just talk all sort of topics including those they're not qualified to. Some naive people might just believe you.

  9. The only suppliments I know work are:
    Calcium because it helps me sleep. I dont know if it actually helps with bone health or anything else that is advertised.
    vitamin E because when I suddenly stopped taking it, my skin dried out
    Vitamin C because my sinuses would dry out.
    Niacin because it causes flushing.
    Ashwaganda and SamE are the only supplements i've ever taken (I've taken dozens) actually does what it says.
    Anything else I've ever tried, I have no evidence of them doing anything.

  10. Hello,
    I was wondering if there are any vitamin brands to stay away from. Is the NOW brand synthetic and bad or not? I am a single mother and am trying to find the best vitamins for myself and my son as he is growing. I would really appreciate the feedback.
    Thanks and have a good day!

  11. In all honesty, this 12 min clip unearths a whole laundry list of some of the most sequestered and straight up shady tactics these big name brand supp companies use to advertise. Back in mid 2010's I was an Asst Mngr at several GNC stores in the Northeast of America, and this gave me a behind the scenes look at how the billion dollar (annually) Supp Game really works. Instead of a helpful, trustworthy place of refuge that promises to help get us guys Jacked up, and women tight waists with bigger butts, the whole Supplement Industry is a murky, convoluted scam that uses Smoke & Mirrors to take our hard earned money. They strategically place a few key words we immediately relate to (Bench!!!, Bigger Bicepss!, Flat Tummy!!! ect.) then follow with some outlandish stats & numbers they claim have been proven in their "Study". Bedazzle the lettering and use cool styles/colored font. Now what exactly do they mean study- and who,what,where and when was it conducted? We dont even know if they are using Humans or rats for these results! (more often than not, rats and mice ARE the test subjects used. Behind their closed doors they can test unlimited amount of rodents & slight variations of some parameters- until they get that one Genetically Superior rat whose "Cardiac Output has increased by 300% when taking our NEW, Super Duper Version of [insert random 13 syllable word here]" Even if the 1000 rats tested earlier that day showed absolutely ZERO IMPROVEMENT performing the same exact same test & parameters. Even tho it was just that 1 rat in the study out of 1000 who actually showed physical improvement,
    Now they can legally claim "Studies from Hogwash University have shown that with this New Supp we specially formulated can increase bench press strength by up to 100 pounds!!!***" This is cunningly deceptive wordplay with empty promises of huge results in the gym- with under dosed products, re-formulated year after year and def overpriced ..
    This man here, Tom DeLauer, has basically exposed like a dozen diff ways these companies legally rob us consumers blind.

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