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Promoting bee pollen as a possible health supplement would be one thing, but claiming it “builds muscle”, “speeds up metabolism” and “gets you ripped” is just beyond ludicrous.⁣ This is actually a trimmed down version of the original video which makes other outlandish claims, like saying you can use this to “replace the vast majority of your supplements”.⁣ When I pointed out that the product only contains ONE gram of protein per serving (and so using the amino acid content as a selling point is completely ridiculous), the guy simply responded by saying that I “need to do more research”.⁣ Always keep in mind that just because a given fitness supplement or bodybuilding supplement contains a particular substance (“amino acids”, “omega 3’s”, “vitamins and minerals” etc.) doesn’t mean anything on its own. ⁣ The question is how much are you actually getting, and is paying $34 a month to consume one of these little wafers per day actually going to provide enough to benefit you of building muscle, losing fat, getting stronger, improving health etc. For example the sales page also uses the omega-3 content as a selling point, when per serving it’s 0.019g which is next to nothing.⁣ Just because it’s “organic”, “non-GMO” and has been “consumed for thousands of years” doesn’t automatically make it effective either.⁣

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