Hey Science Babes! You have been highly requesting this video…. all about oral collagen supplementation. It is pretty simple actually! Lot’s of videos coming for you to keep you entertained and educated in the winter months. Please leave all video requests in the comments below or DM me on Instagram!

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  1. Great info. I'll check out your other videos, and I recommend you include information about the body's natural ability to produce collagen. I'm new to this subject, but am seeing really good results with major health issues like pain, inflammation, and stiffness. Apparently we lose 1% collagen production every year beginning around age 25. So it's logical that increasing supplementation, either dietary or supplemental, would help balance that loss and prevent a lot of disease caused by waning collagen. It's looking like we should start increasing collagen intake between ages 25-30 and then gradually increase it throughout our lifetime. And of course a variety of collagens in important as Types 1 and 3 are more for skin and hair, etc., and Type 2 is more for joints, bone, and connective tissue.

  2. You can certainly tell that she takes collagen. Her skin is on point👍..And it's not because of the lighting because her lighting isn't even that great..I can tell the difference between "Real" videos and " smoke and mirrors" videos…This one is real

  3. I wonder if it's possible she could put more stuff on her face and make it even shinier and greasier looking than it does rn. She may have the appropriate degree but I'm not gonna listen to anyone who looks like they bathe in baby oil

  4. Hallo I eat lots of fish with the skin sinds my childhood I am 44 i've got full hair eyebrow eyelashes and I am flexible maybe it is genetic or the brain maybe i'm not normal.

  5. I was quite surprised by this because I've heard a lot about how the collagen in supplements will just end up being broken down in the stomach and not do what it is marketed to do

  6. I want to take collagen but have read a few articles which state that collagen has significant role in the growth of breast cancer cells. Does anyone have any info on this very important question of whether supplemental collagen is advisable? It just so happens that many women who would want to take collagen are also in an age group whether breast cancer risk is an issue.

  7. LOVE YOUR VIDEO!! You back it up with facts and are through. I WISH more you tubers would make videos like these. Please make more! Can you do one on rosemary oil and hair growth?

  8. Dark green is definitely YOUR colour. Remember that! I think you'd also be quite suited to most jewel tones like a dark, rich blue:)

  9. Thanks for sharing! To add to this, if you're using collagen for osteoarthritis, you'll want to try it for at least 3 months and up to 6 months. If you're using it for skin health, you'll want to try it for at least a month and it may take up to 6 months to notice benefits!

  10. Hello! I am kinda late to respond, but I have a question. I am only 27 years old and I don't look old, but I do have very dry skin which tends to look dull. I have a pretty good skincare routine. I focus on hydration, skin brightening and anti aging. If start taking collagen powders now, will it prevent aging earlier on but rapidly speed up the process of aging if I were to get off of it?

  11. You're a BIOCHEMIST. That's like 10X more impressive than being a doctor or a nutritionist. Biochemistry is seriously difficult. And quite frankly also more relevant to questions about chemical supplementation.

  12. Most doctors know nothing about nutrition, matter of fact, they know nothing of the drugs they give us that Big Pharma create🤔

  13. Since our bodies naturally produce this just as a males produce testosterone. Taking testosterone hinders the natural process of production within our bodies to a point where it could be hard to reboot that if you stopped taking testosterone. Ideally you would take testosterone all of your life to maintain the levels your body needs. My question is, does taking collagen have the same effect?

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