The Secret to Stopping Fear and Anxiety (That Actually Works)

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Learn the secret to stopping fear, anxiety, and panic attacks. I’d tried tons of strategies to stop fear and none of them actually worked. I decided to create a new technique, combining the research-backed 5 Second Rule and the latest findings on the topics of fear and anxiety.

When nothing else worked for me, this technique did. It allowed me to beat fear, anxiety, panic attacks, and negative thoughts–and as I shared it with others, it worked for them too.

For the first time, I’m explaining it here. Try it out and let me know how it works:

You can learn even more about this simple yet highly effective 3-step strategy for stopping fear and anxiety in my new book, The 5 Second Rule: Transform Your Life, Work, and Confidence With Everyday Courage.

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  1. Just refrain from shoving processed garbage into your mouth and you are half way done in removing anxiety (and all other symptoms that sick care industry love you to have).

  2. Thật sự là mình rất thích âm nhạc những năm trước đây hơn là những bài hát hot hit hiện giờ. Kèm theo giọng hát của Đức Phúc thì ôi trời siêu hay luôn

  3. 🔝👆Look up that handle
    I also went through this but thanks to psychedelic microdosing I'm normal and okay again. He's got guidelines and products to overcome this disorder..

  4. cái hay của phúc đó giọng hất rất tình cảm , mỗi bài hát là bạn ấy thả hết tâm hồn và tình cảm vậy , và thể hết giống như mình đã từng trải nghiệm , i love you

  5. Do you include the type of fear people sadly inherit after narcissistic trauma? People take advantage of empathetic people and you end up having to relearn being strong. But fear is real

  6. What I like to do when I'm afraid of something is not to walk away and avoid the challenge but rather take away my alternatives.
    So if I dont have any alternatives anymore, I dont have a choice anymore anyway, right?
    If youre afraid of riding a bicycle without the training wheels, make someone else swear to you to take them away from you and not give them back to you no matter how much you beg them. If you want to ride that bicycle you now have no choice – you will have to ride it without the training wheels. Once youre going you will notice it aint that bad. The bike is upright, youre not falling over and youre moveing forward.
    Same thing with flying – once youre in the airplane and the door is shut – there is no way out. You are on that flight and you cant exit. So you have no choice except waiting it out until you land. And at some point you will notice – wow nothing is happening – everyone in this aircraft is perfectly fine and so am I.

    I remember of being afraid of heights but that changed. I at some point got used to the fact that if I got at least somewhat usable floor below my feet the chance of falling is always the same no matter how high up I am. The only thing thats influenced by height are the consequences of failure – but honestly how often do you fall if you dont concentrate – its probably very rare – now if you concentrate on not falling its even much less likely that you mess up. Come on – some people on youtube climb and jump around on skyscrapers and you are scared of a roller coaster or just standing on a high tower behind a railing that is actually intended for people to stand there?

  7. I’ll try it when I go back to the Dentist as I had an attack when the Dentist was drilling and tooth extraction last week.

  8. This is just really cool! I just love changing my thoughts and feelings and this gave another input to it, so super excited to test this tactic shooting my next video! Thanks for the great video. And what I also love about it is that it is just a really easy tactic, but that makes lots of sense.

  9. A nên đầu tư thêm chất xám xây dựng thêm content để rA mỗi ngày 1 video. Chúc a thành công ❤️

  10. In cave diving some people are fine and then the fight or flight comes out of nowhere. Taking off and silting out to zero visibility is a very bad problem.
    The answer is grab a rock or inflate and stick yourself to the roof of cave and just breathe. After 30 seconds look around and fart around for a couple of minutes.
    That will just about always make you totally calm.
    Why? Because you stopped and absolutely nothing happened. There is no next step to getting excited.
    Also works in many other scenarios.

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  12. Oh wow!, this shortness of breath I'm having because of the anxiety attack is gonna be so cool! Got it.

  13. People often told me during a panic attack, to think about something else and take my mind off the anxiety………… but I have to think about the anxiety to get my mind off it…. basically defeats the purpose

  14. Great hack ! But what if you’re fearful and afraid, but you don’t want to convert it into excitement ? Maybe just something more mid range, like calm ???

  15. Dear Mel Robbins, welcome to Ukraine. I just want to talk about fear with you in Ukraine, where they kill our sons and don’t let them out of Ukraine. Don’t forget, please, to take your children with you.

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  18. Hey, there is a catch, Consider the below scenario 🙂 I wanted to invest all my savings in a newly emerging stock company but I am so scared I will lose it all if things don't turn out in my favor. Then I am choosing my anchor thought would be "Me getting great returns from it and buying whatever I need for me and my family". Could you help me understand how do i apply this trick in this type of scenarios ?

  19. Prayer works. Fear is letting the devil control your imagination. It's YOUR imagination, so are you believing the devil or believing God who gave you freedom? your choice. You get to choose.

  20. I'm under so much anxiety/fear and stress ATM.
    I came to this video but due to said anxiety/fear I can't focus long enough to make any sense out of what she's saying. not helping me.

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  22. Atm I have so many worries and am under pressure add to that the local authorities are all over me because I had a child with my gf and her kids where taken because her ex abused them. I can’t breathe I get panic attacks the slightest bit of hassle and I get shaky I feel like ending it sometimes it’s so bad!

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