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About the Art of Living
In a world where mindfulness products are everywhere, there seems to be an equal frustration that people can’t stick with it, and that’s where we come in. The Art of Living offers the most complete meditation experience available and is designed to keep people engaged for life so that you have the most success. That’s how the Art of Living has touched tens of millions of lives in over 153 countries in just 40 years.

We support every step of your journey toward a calmer, more energized you. Our in-person programs led by certified instructors, give you the opportunity to learn practices, ask questions, get personalized guidance, and connect with a like-minded community.

The cornerstone of the programs is SKY Meditation, an evidence-based practice verified by independent research that clears stress and boosts energy with just a few minutes of practice. You can then build on this foundation with curated online learning and guided modules to easily turn your experience of meditation into a daily habit—the foundation for lasting transformation. To continue your journey, connect and experience the power of community in regular local group meetups, and dive deeper with year-round, destination silent retreats. You will discover just how easy, effective, fulfilling, and energizing meditation can be.

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