The Parents' Anxiety Is Rubbing Off On Their Kids – Supernanny (S8, E6) | Full Episode | Lifetime

After their children were diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies, Dan and Miranda Andersen are constantly on guard for their family’s safety, which has led to conflicting parenting styles in Season 8, Episode 6, “Andersen Family.”

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Drawing on 30 years of professional experience, Jo is back to help stressed-out parents tackle social and behavioral challenges as well as new issues faced by modern-day families. With a recipe of honest, direct and nurturing support, Jo offers real-life solutions to parents – uplifting families with advice, techniques, and tips to iron out the chaos in their lives, helping families evolve.

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  1. it broke my heart when ava was crying about talking to the waitress. this really shows how much parents anxiety can rub off onto their kids.

  2. My entire life I’ve had a blood disorder that can literally kill me tmw, unlike these kids allergies I can’t control my blood disorder, there’s no way to stay away from it, it can kill me or it can let me live but there’s no way to monitor or keep control of it & it’s already almost killed me 15yrs ago, however my mom has never let that create a constant anxiety for her & because of that I’ve learned to not let it affect myself, obviously if it spikes & I almost die sure I’ll be anxious especially because the “symptoms” are very daunting, gruesome & cause a lot of fear in themselves, however it doesn’t mean I allow it to stop letting me live my life & I certainly don’t wake up everyday scared wondering if today will be the day I die because that’s just no way to live. Even when I had doctors in front of my face telling me & my parents I wasn’t gonna make it through the next few hours & to plan on saying goodbye to each other because I was gonna die that night, my mom & dad still didn’t make me anxious, of course they were beyond anxious & scared but they didn’t show it, they did everything they could to keep me clam, to guide me even though they had never been through that type of situation before because that’s what parents should do, keep in mind at the time I was literally bleeding out of every place possible even my pores & eyes, I was also throwing up giant blood clots & my parents kept me clam through that, they might not have been clam on the inside but they still acted like it on the outside because they knew that was the best way to go about the situation & that being incredibly anxious wouldn’t have helped anything or anyone… even though this families causes to their issues are different they still have the same emotions & they need to learn how to either control it or atleast put off the vibe that they have it controlled, as long as you don’t let the anxiety show no one knows about it unless you tell them.

  3. Aww poor baby – hated seeing her cry in the restaurant. But, I love how Jo handled helping her talk through using your voice, and what you have does not have to be a disability. It sucks you have to deal with how others may treat you that certain things can debilitate you.

  4. I feel like the Dad kinda lost confidence, like he felt like he wasn't good at parenting so he quit trying but he just needed confidence. He didn't wanna hear anything at first, but once he saw that the kids really have fun playing games with him and he doesn't NEED to rely on the TV because he is perfectly capable of entertaining and educating his kids, he really turned it around. Go, Mom AND Dad!

  5. I wonder if it would be possible to have her come help you without bringing a TV crew

  6. I loved when Jo talked to them about why they have trouble sleeping. I remember the old episodes where she would just discipline kids who wouldn’t stay in bed without looking at the underlying cause

  7. I’m pretty sure the oldest girl is anaphylaxis to most of them. Peanuts, tree nuts, milk and eggs.

  8. As a person who has ran many resturaunts in my life time. To this mother and father. Restaurants are safer than you think with this. It really is. In 20 years not once have I had something bad happen like this. Just tell the waitress and they alert kitchen. But kitchens usually dont have nuts near anything. For this reason. And ask about ingredients or to see labels. A waitress usually will not care in that situation hun.

  9. But I will say the worst thing I ever see on these episodes is when I see parents Bank because when my dad spanked me and I mean he did it out of anger and hard all I did was make me so much more angry he never tried to connect with me ever he was just a drunk and an awful parent as well as my mother too because her bipolar manic depressive she would just yell and scream all the time and you have to walk on eggshells with her and it’s just still to this day you have to walk on XL‘s with her I can’t explain to how I’m feeling because everything is my fault if she gets defensive and it’s just the worst. Luckily I will say my husband and I have the most healthiest relationship with our daughter if anything ever happens as bad she comes right home and tells us and most time it’s not even a big deal but you know we’ve always made it to where so long as she’s honest she’s not in trouble unless it’s something big then she gets a very minor discipline compared to had she not telling the truth.

  10. The biggest issue is that I never see parents follow through with discipline and all my gosh it bugs me so much because if I wouldn’t of fallen through with discipline whenever My child was very very young she wouldn’t be the absolute best 12 year old in the world

  11. As a parent you should always be fighting to do the right thing for your kids. You can never give up it’s a 24 seven job.

  12. Dad did an awesome turn around, Mom curbed her anxiety and the kids are doing a lot better! 💪🏾

  13. I was looking into this for myself because I have a generalized anxiety disorder and pregnant-
    Some studies conducted measured the stress chemical in the mothers and then the babies and then the babies 10 years later and found that babies exposed to the mother’s anxiety early and continuously in pregnancy have heightened levels of the stress hormone vs their other counterparts. Consider this heightened level of baseline stress and anxiety these kids feel

  14. I have life-threatening medical conditions and allergies and I live a very full productive life I have kids granted I'm a single parent but I have two wonderful kids I have a bachelor's in nursing I have a good job. So having this kind of an allergy is not a disease or crippling they can live full productive lives.

  15. I know jo is a person who helps parents control their kids but I wish jo was my mom but not saying that my mom is a bad mother which she is not I dearly love my mom but jo is such a caring person and she so sweet

  16. So many fathers on this show seem to think that this process doesnt really involve them. The shes there to modify the children rather than to modify the parents. They also seem to thin this is just about how the mom mothers and really has little to do with their own actions. Its like they really still think that women are the only one responsible for how the kids react to their environments. Many women seem to also believe this will only be about the kids when every single aspect of your young kids behavior is related to you

  17. A little bit of precaution and reasonable due diligence is not a bad thing. Anxiety is necessary to protect us we evolved to have that feeling for self and species preservation. Too much can be disabling but rather than ignore actual threats its best to show reasonable and affirming ways to protect oneself. To give the kids the proper power to advocate and ask the right questions is a great thing. To ignore the issue so as to not "live in fear" which has now taken on the meaning of any reasonable precaution to reduce and mitigate very real threats to oneself and others isnt helpful

  18. Jo Frost you are an AMAZING woman!! I believe you are a true 😇 sent to watch over little kids!!

  19. Couples therapy should be a priority once you have children because stress levels go up and couples bottle a lot of emotions inside

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