The Key To Overcoming Social Anxiety

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Today I’m going to show you how to overcome social anxiety by internalizing what’s called the “Spotlight Effect”. This simple concept combined with 2 actionable steps was my key to overcoming social anxiety. Hopefully this can be a cure / treatment for some of your social phobias.

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  1. It's actually right, they don't really care about you, you're just being silly thinking people are judging you

  2. I've done these things before watching this video because I realized that most of this was in my head already, my thing is I'm still trying to figure out how to join convos without getting scared.

  3. i wentto a party which i shouldnt have yesterday and i didnt know how many people were going so when i went i started getting really overwhelmed and there were to many people so. hid in the bathroom the whole party while my friends were there tryna comfort me and now i feel bad cuz i became a problem

  4. The 2nd point can actually be pretty negative too because some of us turn into those stupid condescending people because it gives them a sense of Superiority by looking down on others.

  5. I am trying to overcome a extreme public anxiety problem, can't walk in a shop without overthinking

  6. How to overcome social anxiety: remember people are not judging you.
    But in my case I am the one who judges myself by sitting in audience 🥺.

  7. Yes! I used to have major social anxiety in any new surroundings most all my life. Now I am suddenly bold & outgoing when I go out in public since I found out my Exhubby is a dead CIA Minister. Since I found out all humans are being experimented on by Big Corps & Universities in America & we're all being lied to, social anxiety disappeared. It's simply about perspective! I'm Ex 33yr Psych Nurse/USAVet/Therapeutic Foster Mom from Sarasota & I'm here to share how I learned Big Pharma is a lying Predator & how much Psychiatry is being used to camouflage Abusers. They put my disabled son in Fed Prison after he attempted to cease Electroconvulsive Therapy Shock Treatments here this year. A schizophrenic killed himself in Chainsaw beheading attempt at the facility he is at now a few weeks ago. Please Pray for Earth & it's Lifeforms.🙏

  8. I felt motivated and excited and focused and balanced while writing my last comment since I was actively engaged into something true and revealing but now only when I'm done describing my thoughts and actions and start to drift from one mystery to the next….the time I was occupied I felt selfless, now after the active engagement mixed w contemplation is over, I long for the next lapse in self awareness, to be free in one moment and a prisoner in the next is sometimes a hard pill to swallow

  9. Wow I have this same feeling when I'm driving alone in car singing and it always feels like the person behind me is staring at me because in fact they are , they are driving behind me but the spotlight effect always makes it feel like their gaze is upon you, like some kinda awkward warmth that u feel but can't quite put into words…..I'll often look behind and move my lips out of the view of rear view mirror so I don't feel subconscious about the corny song I'm listening to as if they can actually know what your listening too….but in reality they themselves can be doing the same.thing to me as I gaze behind me in my rear view mirror……reaffirming the "everyone just cares about what they are doing and only the recipient internalizing it can abstract, since it's actually a pathological delusion in it's ugliest form…….why does it feel like the person driving behind me is reading my lips and knows the song when subjectively I know they are not telepathic, but the abstraction persists if u let it only develop in your head and if you played the tape all the way thru, maybe it's would help reaffirm letting go of such ridiculous thoughts, but then again, the spotlight effect playing out in our heads always seems to get a portion of my conscious thoughts, maybe breaking thru by using your method will help condition myself to less time thinking and more time actively engaging in a reality that I would want my best self to revere and adhere to as once u know the naked truth, it's hard to go back if u have any kind of intellectual capacity and a obsession w bare truths….but often my mind is left w more questions than answers…..

  10. I’m 6’5 so I stick out like a sore thumb! So all these statistics are probably doubled for me. And I have TERRIBLE social anxiety

  11. You're trully right cause whenever im walking outside the house i hate it when our neighbours are looking at me it feels like they are thinking about me and saying some bad things about me in there thoughts it helps me alot i feel shy everyday and i hate it and my heart is always racing because of social exiety

    I search how to fight with it cause before my audition cause im not so confident cause i have social axiety my hands is always shaking and i always avoid crowded place like mall

  12. anybody else with SA completely fine by yourself? and when you're talking to other people your brain just shuts down and you don't talk how you normally would????? Like I talk to myself a lot especially in the shower and the way I talk is so different compared to when I talk to others, my personality changes. I stutter a lot and can't think straight. I practice talking to others when I'm alone but when the time comes, I can't act the same as I did when I practiced

  13. Yesterday I had a karate competition and I thought I was pretty chill about it and not nervous after it was over my parents asked me why I looked so scared while waiting for my turn and I was like wait what!! 😂 Idk why it's like that 😅

  14. "Focus on that person"
    Also that person's friend: Yo dude that dude lookin at you
    Him: wait really? Are there stains on my shirt?

  15. Just remember, every moment you are worried about what others think about you. That is time when you aren't focusing on others around you who might be having the same thoughts as you. People just care about themselves too much, us included!

  16. they care they care they care they care they care they care they care they care they care they care they care they care they care they care they care they care

  17. I wish I have seen this earlier bc that is so helpful and it really made me realize that like no one cares if you for example didn’t did your homework and your teacher calls you out and everyone just stares at you but in reality they just don’t really care.
    Same as like when your classmate gets late to class you really don’t think, like „oh they are so stupid, how can they get late for class hahaha“, you really just don’t care

    (Sorry for my english it’s not the best (I‘m from Germany))

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