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  1. Hey, Rem im down from 58 pants to 52, havent been in 52s in 4 yeard. Road is hard but i feel great. With thanks to you bro, thank you

  2. TwinLabs had a product Amino Fuel 1000 (the pills) it had the full profile of Amino Acids; for some reason they discontinued that product. I need an affordable Amino Acid full profile nothing added to the supplement just the full profile of Amino Acids. Do you know of any similar products? I don't want a stimulant I'd bouncing off the walls.

  3. I’ve been taking BSN Syntha 6 Edge Chocolate Milkshake protein now for a couple of months and it is hands down the best tasting protein there is. Has higher carb and fat content than these that you mentioned but in my opinion it’s truly worth it. N.O Explod has been my pre workout. Haven’t really strayed from it. Got some Mr Hyde and am not too big of a fan. Never tried BCAA’s before so I’m on the search of some and your video gave me a little bit of insight on what I should get. Thanks brother. Keep up the good work. 💪

  4. Which would be the best safe synthetic n organic multivitamin you'd recommend? Your most favorite number 1 whey protein supplement as well as protein bar?

  5. Hey Remington I got a question as far as pre work out go is it ok to have something like a protein bar along with a pre workout or is there enough substance in a pre workout like a protein shake to where I don't crash from a high caloric burn that I experience when I don't have that "snack" before I work out

  6. can you please make a video on best tasting proteins as per you..cause you seem to be geniune indeed…so i am requesting you for this

  7. I’m 17 about to be 18 and I’m using Mr Hyde, I hardly feel the caffeine anymore. I don’t drink sodas or coffee at all so I don’t understand why.

    What is the best pre workout for a good pump/energy and focus?

  8. It just me or this dude face is out of focus? Also who nowadays actually buy most of their supplements from their local stores unless money isn't your issue. Online is much much cheaper compare to the stores in my area.

  9. What's your thoughts on northbound nutrition pinnacle pre workout? I love the effects it gives me and and at about 35-40 for top notch pre workouts, I am nervous to invest in any other brands

  10. This was such a helpful video. I was hoping to come across one of your videos with a supp list/recommendations like this. How do the BCAA's that you recommended on here compair to the ones from purbolics that you take and are sponsored by. Not hating just asking. Before i go shopping around. Keep up the awesome videos and the inspiration. Hope to hear from you and looking forward to seeing you next many other videos.

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