The BEST form of Thiamine (Vitamin B1) to Supplement? Detailed Version

With so many different types of thiamine available, it can be difficult to choose which one is best.

In this video, I explain the differences between each form, I look at the pros and cons, and explain which form I believe to be superior and why.

In short, thiamine TTFD comes out on top. TTFD should not be compared with benfotiamine, as the absorption, distribution, and mechanisms of action are entirely different. TTFD’s molecular characteristics provide it with unique abilities which the other forms of thiamine do not have.

Unfortunately, up until now there has been no “clean” form of TTFD without unnecessary fillers, flow agents and additives.

To get around the problem, I had no choice but to manufacture my own formulation which meets my criteria. Hence, Thiamax was born!

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  1. I need to take Thiamine as I think I’m deficient because of alcohol and sugar abuse. WhAt type shall I take and what dose please ???

  2. Interesting that you left out effectiveness of injections and did not respond to my question about effectiveness of thiamine HCL via injections. This does not inspire confidence in your videos…

  3. Hi Dr. Elliot I have a quick question, I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome IBS, fibromyalgia etc. but my main symptom that is really bothering me is that I was diagnosed with functional dyspepsia which obviously means no organic cause and I suspect I have problems with motility in fact I know I do. I tried 500 mg thiamine HCl and got a great response as far as my mood and energy as I have bipolar but have learned through you that Allithiamine is the way to go for gut motility. I’m on the second day of 50 mg and it makes my depersonalization worse and doesn’t really help with my energy but I know it’s early days. Do you have any advice? Thank you

  4. I want to buy a good brand of HCL Thiamine. Can someone help me? Most is jusy 100mg per capsule, there's some other brand with at least 300mg?

  5. In my method having to overcome no barriers as directly get in blood I use Hydrochloride variant 5 mg with 100% effectiveness and I don,t need its change. I tried all vitamins and most active are B1, E, C and PP.

  6. Life Extension makes a ttfd but call it allithiamine. So it’s not that difficult to find. It also has a little calcium and some phosphorus. I couldn’t find the explanation for that. Do you know why? But it also has mag stearate. So I’ll go with your recommendation.

  7. This is awesome info. When I get in a financial position to spend 100$ a month on thiamax, and 400 MG of magnesium and a high complex B vitamin I'll try it out..till then it's only costing me 55$ twice a year to use my cpap. Which is used for cpap supplies. But this info is quite telling..

  8. I caught Covid19 March 2020, long covid since. Started Thiamine hydrochloride about 8 weeks ago, had been taking benfothiamine for months with no improvement. After a month on the hydrochloride (600mg daily) I began to see dramatic improvement in fatigue and cognitive function. I no longer have to lie down after 15 min driving or 10 min stroll ! For the first time in 21 months I'm looking forward to the future and making plans! Not 100% there yet but hopefully not far off. Can't tell you how relieved I am. I'm now taking just 250mg daily, alongside a host of other supplements to support mitochondria.. NAC, CoQ10, Niacin, B-COMPLEX, Vit D + C, High quality fish oil and probiotic. I hope this gives other long haulers hope, especially those from the first wave, like myself. It's possible to recover even after this length of time.

  9. Benfontaine isvery helpful and my hair fell out after long term use. I'm sticking with the cheap stuff. Agrees better with me

  10. In mono “nitrate” , is that the same as the nitrates that we should be avoiding in process food?… By the way which form is the easiest on the stomach? I have Gastritis. And the thiamine hydrochloride Burns my stomach.

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