The Best COLLAGEN SUPPLEMENT for Tendon Injuries

If you are suffering from tendon, ligament, and joint injuries, like Jumper’s Knee, Achilles Tendonitis, and Elbow Tendinopathy, I recommend using the Upper Echelon Nutrition Collagen supplement along with a tendon workout session to help rebuild the strength and performance of your tendons. I discuss how to properly consume the collagen supplement and a specific workout you can perform for your tendons. GET 10% OFF Upper Echelon Nutrition Supplements with code ELEVATE10 at

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  1. I don't have access to a cable machine for the Tricep tendon, any suggestions? Currently doing eccentric table push ups. Any suggestions will be much appreciated

  2. I'm dealing with Achilles sprain. Right where it attaches to the heel. Gonna start doing therapy soon for it after it heals alittle more. Thinking of using this product

  3. Hey coach, volleyball is really taxing on the legs and especially the knees and its esay for novices to jack-up and destroy their knees without proper training. could you make a vid on how properly protect and strengthen your knees it would be greatly appreciated if you do so

  4. I really like that you included the clinical trail! I was really scaptical because Collagen obviously can’t make the bowl passage, but the supplement is so you have everything you need to build it yourself (which means if you have everything than it doesn’t really matter that much, but as the clinical trail show it is effective). My mum bought Kollagen as a beauty thing to reduce wrinkles, and I was very scaptical, because I think you can’t tell your body to make more collagen for the skin, even taking collagen. But i guess for sports it’s different as these gets damage and in combination with the exercises it might really help.
    Very cool coach!

  5. Hey coach, so I’ve been suffering from Osgood Schlatter for over a year now, pain coming and going, multiple episodes. I used to play 2nd devision volleyball and also basketball. About 5foot9 with a 40inch vert and main position setter. Due to this injury I really haven’t been able to compete at the level I want and it’s frustrating… do you have any tips? Or exercises I could do to strengthen my knees/legs?

  6. Good review of this supplement as well as why it’s important, and the exercises for jumpers knees, I appreciate it.
    I’ve been dealing with knee pain for a while now, and I’ll check with my physician so I can go back to playing volleyball!

  7. Coach I do research in sports medicine for a living, specifically ACL injury prevention. Fundamentally, we believe that ACL injury is preventable with correct exercise and warmup routines that empahsize high quality movement. The single biggest challenge to this actually working though, is coaches actually implementing the routines we give them. We recently performed a clinical trial where we gave workshops to coaches educating them on injury prevention techniques, and only something like 25% of teams actually followed the instructions given. As a coach, do you have any insight on how we can increase compliance?

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