In today’s video I discuss THE BEST ANTI-AGING SUPPLEMENT FOR SKIN. There are many antioxidant supplements for skin, but which one is the best?

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0:00 Intro
1:11 What it is
2:25 SPF pill?
2:48 Benefits
4:09 Brand
4:47 How to take
5:08 Side effects
5:22 How long
5:52 Ask your doctor
7:47 Final thoughts

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  1. I started heliocare a week ago but my skin is now getting acne. I usually have dry skin and very little if any acne. Could it be the heliocare causing it?

  2. I just want to warn people who suffer from IBS (irritated bowel syndrome) like myself. Bought this supplement and it gave me excessive bloating…. i have to give up on it… pity, but there are also other oral anti-oxydants…

  3. Thank you Dr. Dray! Using this product, would there be noticeable difference in the skins appearance; ie spots fade, or does the supplement only prevent future damage?

  4. I prefer the other microphone. For some reason it’s easier to hear on your old one although this one is different and more Crisp.

    I have a question please, I’ve heard it said that when you’re indoors you should still wear sunscreen but is that the same for people who have all their blinds closed and only minimal lighting. I live in California and it’s so hot that we keep our blinds closed and we don’t let the sun in during the summer months. I rarely go outside because I’m disabled and when I do go out I do use sunscreen. I’m having a hard time finding a sunscreen that doesn’t burn my eyes to put on my face, but my question is do I still need to wear sunscreen indoors if all the blinds are closed and I’m not getting any light in here except for the light from a lamp? I have added the supplement to my Amazon card, thank you.

  5. The old one sounds better. You sound like you're in a box. But thanks for asking for our preference.

  6. If this supplement really works, it could be a game changer for me. I use mineral based spf 50 daily and yet I still struggle with melasma 18 years after having my son. It has been a constant struggle. There are so few things that can help and things that do will often only lighten it, not totally cure it.

  7. This mic, makes your voice sound oddly compact (muffled and narrow), it also seems to be boosting lower frequency. In other words, it’s not an improvement. I’d suggest NOT using a body mic (exception; you hired a sound engineer to fix the EQ). A stand-alone mic, like you see with ALL TV announcers, radio DJ’s and most of the larger YouTuber channels, etc.

    If you Anna keep this one, use it for your weekend Vlog’s what you are “in the field ” that’s where these type of mics work best (better sound vs iPhone and hands free).

    Look for a Cardioid: The most common polar pattern. Captures audio in a cone-shape directly in front of the microphone. Perfect for anything involving one person speaking.

    Here are a few examples of that are rated well, on most “Best of” (by credible sources), are a used by thousands of individuals as well as many “professional” YouTubers” all are very reasonable for your purposes:

    Blue Yeti Microphone
    HyperX SoloCast
    Elgato Wave: 3

  8. My dermatologist recommended I start taking it last year and I’ve been taking it ever since! Thank you!

  9. My sunscreen has polypodium leucotomos mixed already in the formula. The Heliocare fluid cream already has it mixed in but I hate that sunscreen so much the finishing is bad and it has strong perfume. I use Thermoceutical Solarcare 90 Gel Fluid now it has pretty much the same filters with polypodium leucotomos, Niacinamide, ceramide no Fragrance!!
    I love it so much

  10. I prefer the new mic despite it sounding like there's a wall in between us because I found the previous mic far too piercing

  11. When I talk to my doctor about supplements she always says I don’t know what that is and the nurses say the same thing. It is very frustrating and I feel like I am on my own.

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