The 5 Major Anxiety Disorders

There are five major types of anxiety disorders: Generalized Anxiety Disorder or GAD, Obsessive-compulsive Disorder (OCD), Panic Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Social Phobia or Social Anxiety Disorder.

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Animation: Grace Cárdenas Cano

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  1. Other: "just tell us why your sad so we know what's wrong."
    Me: "I'm feeling anxious because I have anxiety and I can't help it."
    Other: "well I have it worse because blah blah blah.."
    Me: …

  2. Me:*has social anxiety and severe ocd*

    OCD: I have severe contamination and order OCD. I have mild OCD with numbers.

    My mom:"stop doing this for attention"
    "Stop ruining our(mom and sister) lives"
    "Just grow out of it" "when will you stop faking" "just don't do it anymore, it's not that hard"

    Social Anxiety: I can't talk to people or even think about it without feeling sick to my stomach and getting dizzy. It's also like that with email, text, and calls.

    People:"she's weird" "something is wrong with her" "why does she never talk" judges me continuously

  3. From experience, The instant cure for anxiety is to understand the fact that there are infinite amount of possible outcomes in this universe and our brain only thinks of a handful . A bad outcome can become the means of a good outcome in the future. Just like that a good outcome can become the means of a bad outcome. For example, you lost your job (bad thing). But then you got a new job which is better ( bad thing led to a good outcome.) It's an endless cycle. So just go with the flow and don't think about it . 😄 Goodluck.

  4. I get told a lot that I just have to get over and I know they mean well when they say that. I’m 22 I still don’t have my license. I terrified of driving. I also have social anxiety and it has been getting better however the anxiety I have from being on the roads is so frustrating. I want to not have anxiety so badly. It’s so discouraging. How do I stop it how do I be normal etc :/ I just wish I understood it more

  5. The thing is, I look really calm on the outside, but inside, I'm lonely and depressed, shy and anxious, longing for friends and people, but pushing them away because of fear of betrayal and anxiety.

  6. I have extreme anxiety with dating, even if we both like each other I can never take it to the next level because my anxiety and stress will rise too a next level seriousness and I end up ending the relationship, unfortunately I don’t have any advice or help for this and I have to go threw it alone :/ I wish I could date somebody without being so scared about it all the time

  7. When I get an anxiety attack somewhere
    Let's say at school and I start crying because I'm overwhelmed and they try ask what's wrong or how I would describe it I can't talk about things to do with feelings or just deep stuff in general I legitimately can't idk why

  8. i don’t know how to describe my feelings.
    My moods always changes so fast.
    I have really often shaking, being scared of every sound and feeling uncomfortable even in my room
    feeling very anxious
    i have problems with showing emotions
    and i can be happy and laugh make jokes but then something is hitting me and i feel like a trash and telling my self in my head horrible things
    I can be sad but then feel nothing
    i can’t focus
    i’m eating less than usual
    comparing myself to other people
    i don’t know what is wrong with me

  9. I have this symptoms because I suffered all this signs of having an anxiety disoreder,So serious,very sad 😞😞😷😷I hope can surpass it… I still suffered anxiety since when I was in college… 😩😩😩😢😢not easy… can lose hope…that my dreams will crash because of this disorder 😥😥😩😢

  10. I have social anxiety and general anxiety disorder and it’s kinda ironic that I wasn’t even put in therapy bc of that, they just gave me the disorders after a lot of work etc😐 I got ptsd too and I myself feel better without any help

  11. To be honest I'm not so sure how I earned anxiety-
    It just
    MY 1 guess is hormones

    Did you know anxiety can cause ticks

    I gEt that's sometimes at point to point

  12. I have PDSD I think that's how you spell it

    I got it young since I'm 11
    I think my mum said this

    I lash out alot and panic
    I say this to let people know Thye aren't alone

  13. I'm not sure if I have anxiety but whenever I talk to someone out of my comfort zone I feel like my legs are shaking and I stutter alot and I constantly feel afraid in school that my name would be called out, I regret talking to people and I regret not talking to people I'm so sick of it

  14. Anyone have a symptom in their head with light sensitivity? I also can't focus on screens , it makes it worse, it's there all the time but gets worse with light and screens. Feels also like burning sensation in my forehead and just above my nose and eyes. It's really weird and it's causing me to stay in the loop of anxiety. Mine all started from pot and sometimes I feel like I damaged something.

  15. i rly want too get tested for most of these especially ptsd. but my mom probably wouldnt n would just say i wanna b different or im an attention seeker n that im trying to make myself a victim 🙁

  16. First 20 yrs of my life I had a normal life. After anxiety I don't remember clearly what normal feels like. Bound to live with diseased brain.

  17. Me having a bad panic attack and has social anxiety:I'm nervous,scared and my heart is beating can we leave?
    Mom:suck it up we just came
    Me:oh yes ofcourse ty for the help!!

  18. I have social anxiety, i bought a vr headset and downloaded the game vrchat, i heard from other people it helped them talk more and actually get to know people so i got it made friends and yeah im doing better

  19. I feel like all of them, and probably have since i was a child, i think ocd did started after 18 y/o idk at this point

  20. me: pulls out all my hair
    My dad: ugh your just doing it for attention
    Me: -__-
    Doctor: ya umm she has an anxiety disorder


    Me: pulls out a clump of hair
    My mum and dad: makes me feel bad about something I can't control
    Me: -__-


    Me: has an anxiety attack
    My friends: just calm down
    Me: wow I never shout of that! and I guess if we go tell that man over there with no legs to just walk he will magically start walking!
    My friends: -__-
    Me: maybe this is why I have no friends!

  21. PLEASE READ IT !!!!!
    I just have to share what brought my anxiety and depression to a almost non existent level. Im a guy who tried it all from the YouTube university and almost everything worked until the euphoria passed. But I recently found something that made me feel like i never felt before, a feeling that i forgot that it exists and that is clarity , calmness and peace. When i tried it it was recommended to me as a life changer like any other thing that is sold on the internet and i was like meeeeh ill give it a try but didn’t expect some result to be honest. The thing that was recommended to me was Black Seed Oil ( took it in capsules) . After few weeks of using it my grey world was painted in colors that i forgot they are there . In combination with the oil was taking also Curcumin and drank one a day some green tea. Also i was doing the Wim Hof breathing method but i don’t think you have to do all those things , just buy the oil and do a little extra than the recommended dose

    Ps. If it works for you, share it with everyone you know cause i know how anxiety feels and i don’t wish it to anyone. I wish everyone was free from it & if it works for you comment here so that people should know

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