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1. AlloAlts Daily Best Ultra – Multivitamin – once a day
Daily Best™ Ultra offers vital nutrients for support of:

2. Bone health by providing adequate dietary intake of all the B Vitamins along with Vitamin D, Boron and Zinc.*

3. Hotze Vitamin D-3 – 5,000IU – once a day

4. Bronson Vitamin K Triple Play – 100 MCG K1 – 450 MCG K2

5. Iodoral – High Potency Iodine/Potassium Iodine- 12.5mg

6. Dr. Mercola Zinc Plus Selenium – Zinc 15mg – Selenium – 200mcg – Copper 0.25 mg

7. Dr. Mercola Liposomal Vitamin C – 1,000 mg per serving

Promoting a healthy heart, enhancing your immune system, helps protects against damaging free radicals*

8. Dr. Mercola Berberine and Micro PQQ – Berberine HCL 500mg – PQQ 10mg

9. Lifted Naturals Mood Boosting Probiotic – 30 Billion CFU – 9 Strains – Prebiotic GOS

10. Dr. Mercola Fermented Apple Cider Vinegar and Cayenne – 500mg/100mg

11. Sungergetic Serrapeptase – 40,000 SU

12. Optimal DIM Estrogen Balance – 200mg

13. Staying Cool Vitex and Black Cohosh Hot Flashes Menopause Relief

14. Dr. Mercola Organic Collagen from grass-fed beef bone broth (1.8g/3g)

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  1. As i had a bad experience
    When google search and internet was
    Not discovered

    Every pill needs a cup of water
    And some 2 hrs apart
    Not chewing them
    Some vitamins are not combined together.
    And continuous use may be cancerous.
    But coctails of pills r dangerous for kidneys and liver?
    Toxic shock to ur body
    Stomach ache at least
    Just be careful

  2. Amazingly described ! Even I love taking my personalized supplements of ginihealth along with my diet and exercise and can’t afford to miss any day.

  3. Thank you so very much for sharing this information. I am over fifty and my daughter recently asked , if my hair was thinning? I am also working very hard to lose weight, but it's a struggle. My skin is dull, my joints are weak. You can be sure I will be looking into these supplements!

  4. I have just seen your video and it's absolutely necessary for midlife women. Thanks Dominique. You are the best at communication 🐾💖

  5. Hello, can you please give me the name of the of what you use for hair, skin, nails and bones and who it is made by.

  6. Hello – I just found this episode ( May 2021), do you have any update to this video? Or do you continue to take the same vitamins and supplements in 2021? Thank you.

  7. Who plans your vacations and how do you agree on destination and activities with different age groups and interests?

  8. I’m a big fan Dominique! I just watched this video from 2 yrs ago would love to see another one with how/if you have made adjustments! Thanks dear!

  9. Knowing that supplements are not at all regulated in the US, what sorces are you using for determining that authenticity of products?

  10. Wonderful! My friends and family used to tease me about the amount of vitamins and supplements I take. As we have all reached our fifties, they have all jumped on board! Finally, haha! I have carried around the "vitamin keeper" for years, as I take them throughout the day. Thank you for sharing, continued good health to you!

  11. Have you had any reactions to any of the supplements you take. And do you combine them like half in Am and half Pm?

  12. Can't seem to find AlloAlts online and their website is not working. I wonder if these are prescription now? There is probably an alternative brand but can't even seem to get the ingredients image off the back to do comparisons.

  13. I would really appreciate it if you share with us the naturopathic doctor you visit. I suffer immensely from menopause symptoms and can not function even a small task

  14. Additional videos:
    Fear of losing, not having enough, buying in multiples.

    Electronics always malfunction for me after a very short time…do I buy another…if on sale!!!

    Result: a lot of accumulation
    Trouble organizing things…
    Looking for some guidance to help with this Struggle!!!

  15. I'll be asking my doctor after my blood about about supplements that suit me for my age and things that are going on with me some simply because I'm borderline blood pressure and now recently found out I'm borderline sugar and I don't want to take medication for either one of these so if I can get healthier with this I greatly appreciate the video as I always do and thank you

  16. The adventurous box postauricularly sound because point fittingly drown round a wakeful pimple. hideous high, thundering payment

  17. What hormone replacement do you use? Is it compounded or some other formulation? You mentioned you take both an estroge and progesterone mixture. Thanks!

  18. Hello! I enjoy watching your videos! You are just perfect! A small question. Do you take levothyroxine for you thyroid gland?

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