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  1. I did some research on wasabi for hair and it is 3× more effective than minoxidil and will not cause itching or make you lose your hair again when you stop using it. It stimulates hair growth and hair regrowth helps with density

  2. How long after you stop the minoxidil does it take for the hair to fall out again. If you miss one weekend will it make a difference or does it take a month of not using it ??

  3. Biotin and collagen both make my nails grow fast and strong, but I need more time to see the overall impact on my hair.

  4. Can u make a video on redensyl? Sharing ur thoughts on how effective it is and side effects it can have. Especially for pattern baldness like female pattern/ diffused hair loss. Also if the hair lasts unlike minoxidil. Thankyou…….love from India ❤️

  5. Dr. Day, i love your video! It was very informative. I do think that it would be easier for listeners if you summarize at the end. I think you do that in your recent videos but i still wanted to let you know. I appreciate your thorough expert advice!

  6. Please I pulled my hair with kitchen machine 🥺and I become bold so does my hair will grow or iwill be bold fo ever and what I have to do or to take

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