Supplement Sodium or BAD for Blood Pressure?

Dr. Mike Todorovic has his PhD in Neuroscience, he is a Senior Lecturer and Medical Researcher at Griffith University, Australia.
He loves helping people learn about how the body works and is here to educate us on electrolytes, testosterone and more.
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  1. I’m definitely salt sensitive.
    I think it’s pretty stupid how these diet gurus try to give out one size fits all advice.

  2. I was walking around sodium deficient for 9 months due to stress and constant sauna exposure. I had low energy and my sleep was garbage. I now ingest 8000mg of sodium per day because I exercise a lot and hit the sauna 4-5x a week. My blood pressure was 120/87 as of this morning.

  3. Everything consumed in excess is saved for later by your body. (Except maybe water) eating Excess amounts of sodium leads to fat storage. Although it won’t make you gain weight in Lbs like excess of calories, it will definitely increase your body fat percentage. It also leads to pre diabetic/diabetic symptoms, constant thirst, frequent urination etc

  4. Your body and nervous system is electrical. Pure distilled water will not conduct electricity. It is only when you add minerals (or salt) does the electrical pathways conduct current. You body needs salt. Real, organic salt. This is fact.

  5. Tony Huge made a video with some guy saying he takes 5g of pure salt twice per day to stay shredded. Wtf he’s gonna stroke out that’s insane

  6. I went on a 12 day water fast and only consumed Himalayan sea salt potassium chloride magnesium & baking soda and felt great going for 30 days water fast soon

  7. I drank a whole jar full of olive brine earlier. Didn't think twice about it. I'm that cool.

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