Sulforaphane Supplement vs Broccoli Sprouts? 2020 Anti Aging

Sulforaphane may just be the most powerful antioxidant that we know of, but should you take sulforaphane as a supplement or broccoli sprouts?
We’ll go through all the latest 2020 research to help you boost anti aging.

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Here’s instructions on how to grow your own broccoli sprouts:

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  1. Anyone know why Dr. Stanfield has Sulphorophane on his supplement list when here is argues why you shouldn't use a supplement?

  2. This guy's videos are INCREDIBLY INFORMATIVE regarding practical things to do in order to improve our levels of health! (I just wish he would use a microphone when making these phenomenal videos to improve the sound quality, as sometimes they can be very hard to hear.)

  3. I don't understand why you would put so much effort in sprouting broccoli (with the increased risk of bacterial overgrowth) when you can just finely grind and eat the seeds for the same effect.

  4. Thank you Dr. Stanfield, i’m definitely implementing some of your suggestions. I really appreciate your work and talent!

  5. Dr Rhonda Patrick sites research indicating that heating broccoli sprouts to 70°C increases their sulforophane 3x. Have you heard this AND because of the messing around with growing broccoli sprouts she now takes the supplement Prostaphane to get her sulforophane.

  6. Should sulforaphane be cycled or taken infrequently? I ask because I'm wondering if it's possible for our system to build a "tolerance" to it, and that NRF2 would stop being switched on by it if taken say daily for instance.

  7. Is there a research to help students improve their memory? Is there a research that students eating more cruciferous vegetables are more intelligent than those eating less or not eating vegetables?

  8. Google BROQ. The French company that has the only supplement with stabilized sulforaphane just started a USA branch. Hope that helps.

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