STOP Taking That Calcium Supplement (Need to Know) 2022

Stop taking that calcium supplement, it’s not helping your bones, and it IS increasing your risk of serious medical problems. I know, I know, we’ve been told for years it was vital for bone health, but it’s not.

Stop drinking more than one small glass of milk daily. If you don’t like milk then don’t drink it at all. It doesn’t help your bones, and definitely increases your risk of serious medical issues.

You don’t need calcium supplements for your bones, but I will tell you what you do need.

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  1. In full agreement with you Dr Berry. Been trying to tell my family forever. Haven't drunk milk since I was 2. Im 59. I told them, humans are the only "critter" to drink milk past infancy. Good gracious…Adult cows MAKE milk, but do not drink it. They eat their greens. Not a Dr or RN. A retired CNA, with a little common sense. Loving your videos.

  2. My osteoporosis is because my parathyroid has a tumor… draining my bones of calcium. Having it removed soon. Most people think the parathyroid and thyroid are the same …nope! My dexa scan showed -T4!! I stopped calcium supplements.. all I've been doing is pee the calcium out. Wish more doctors would discuss the problems of parathyroid they are many…. yes Milk for Baby cows!!! Not Humans… think about it… breast milk is for babies.

  3. I need to take calcium, mag, d3,k2,boron and manganese supplements to help with digestion, the calcium is citrate and phosphate, is this ok?

  4. This is the absolute BEST video! I've always suspected this, as I really hate milk and fought my mum through my whole childhood about this topic! So I barely ever consume milk. But when I gave birth to my child, and had a terrible time breastfeeding, my mum said it was my fault because I hadn't consumed enough cow's milk! 😂😂😂 anyway thank you for reaffirming exactly what I thought was true. I take Vitamin D3 daily, and have started training and will be increasing weight training too. Awesome video 🇦🇺

  5. make me understand… she's 88 whole years OLD…taking calcium supplement…why would she stop???

  6. I heard from a doctor , that 3 things will make your bone strong, 1. Weight bearing exercise 2. Taking vitamin k2, 3. Vitamin D3

  7. What about if you didn't suck on the teat at birth and was given baby formula which contain calcium, nearly 99% of baby's drink formula, now explain why
    calcium deficiency because my sister had it and she was very unwell.

  8. Thank you Dr. Berry. I have been taking calcium supplements for years. I just ordered a bottle today because i ran out. I will return it and get my money back. God bless you Doctor. Perfect timing for me.

  9. 1)WEIGHT-BEARING EXERCISE= walk, run, weights. 2)Take VITAMIN D. 3)stop taking Calcium/Milk.

  10. what about food or drinks with added vitamins. Don't we have to take them too? like I drink instead of Milk Soya Milk but many vitamins specially calcium already added to this soya milks. Do I have to stop drinking them too?

  11. Ok…can you please explain why the people who live in Okinawa live longer than most people, and researchers found their diet has coral calcium.

  12. Dr. berry, what can you take when your calcium level is a little high… Somebody please let me know……what is MK 7

  13. 2:35 I'm over 50 and recovering from a broken bone. This episode caused me to toss my calcium supplement.
    FYI : want to supplement your calcium just a little? Just allow a few tiny pieces of egg shell in your morning egg breakfast.

  14. Wow Thank you Dr. Berry didn’t know that about calcium and milk that’s scary , I’m stopping immediately !, appreciate you ! 🙏🏾💜

  15. I take calcium b/c it reduces myoclonus and fasciculations for me, magnesium for muscle spasms. Its there anyway to continue to take these safely?

  16. My Dr wants me to take calcium……uh No! He gets angry when I tell him I do research on all drugs b4 I take them.

  17. So Dr. Carl Reich and chemist Bob Barefoot are wrong in their books The Calcium Factor and Death by Diet? Dr. Carolyn Dean, the author of the magnesium miracle, sells a calcium supplement too.

  18. what about who had bariatric surgery its was told to take twice daily forever or else u could loose ur teeth etc due to the bodynot getting enough nourishment absorbed!

  19. Was told after gastric by pass to take double the amount of calcium-citrate. Do to malabsorption. What is your opinion? I have extreme fatigue, depression and lots of other problems. Take 10,000IU of D daily as well.

  20. We only have to drink one glass of milk everyday. I’ve been drinking it since I was a toddler, am now 76 years old. My heart is fine & my health is in good condition. I exercise three times a week & been eating lots of veggies (which I washed thoroughly before cooking). There are many factors that could lead to a heart problem, could be hereditary too. Do not blame milk, for crying out loud. Continue drinking one glass of milk everyday, skim or 2% only. Also be aware of food that will give you calcium & consume it moderately. Wow, people not drinking milk at all? I wonder what would be the condition of their teeth, maybe they are all wearing dentures.

  21. The doctors follow the suggestions from the pharmaceutical manufacturers to cure illness, the dietitians follow the biochemists suggested nutritional values, the physiologists cannot measures the exact amounts of medicine or nutrients are utilized or incorporated into the human body. They all PRACTICE on you, trying their ideas on the patients.
    A smart individual should listen to their own body, follow the knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors, the collective intelligence over history… NEVER LOAD YOUR BODY WITH CHEMICALS…
    We are at the age of a chemical feast, there is always a pill for every problem!

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