Stanford Psychiatrist Reveals How Cognitive Therapy Can Cure Your Depression and Anxiety

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Living with depression, anxiety, and negative thoughts each and every day can feel like a merry-go-round of pain that is seemingly impossible to get off of. What if there was a quick, prescription-free method that was powerful and effective at attacking the roots of our negative thoughts? What would a clear step-by-step blueprint look like? How can we begin walking on a path towards feeling great and eliminating our deep-seated depression, anxiety, and negativity? On this episode of Impact Theory, psychiatrist, cognitive behavioral therapist, and author David Burns joins Tom Bilyeu to discuss such matters and more as they explore the incredible and real world practical effects of cognitive behavioral therapy and how you can begin applying it your life today to overcome depression, anxiety, and negativity. They discuss the power of cognitive behavioral therapy, the connection between your emotional thoughts and neurochemistry, the power of T.E.A.M. therapy, techniques to overcoming your negative thoughts, and the types of resistance and roadblocks we create for ourselves in therapy and recovery.

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Breakdown | David breaks down cognitive behavioral therapy and why it’s effective. [1:13]
Brain | David discusses the connection between chemicals in the brain and our emotions. [6:21]
T.E.A.M. Therapy | David breaks down what T.E.A.M. cognitive therapy is. [10:30]
Postpartum | David discusses why postpartum depression isn’t a chemical reaction. [13:22]
Train Tracks | David shares a story about a train and its connection to our thoughts. [15:27]
Techniques | David reveals key steps to overcoming depression and negative thoughts. [21:52]
Resistance | David shares the roadblocks people put up for themselves during recovery. [31:38]
Magic Button | David shares the power ‘positive reframing’ has in overcoming negativity. [34:11]
Resistance Types | David breaks down the types of resistances exist in our minds. [42:59]
Speaking | David shares how he overcame his own anxiety with fear of public speaking. [48:09]
Praise | Tom shares his praise for David’s work and the impact it has had on his life. [58:04]


“The discovery that you’re wrong when you’re depressed, that you’re giving yourself unfair or wrong messages, is the greatest discovery a human being can make.” [15:08]

“It’s learning to treat yourself with compassion and kindness and realism rather than bullying yourself with these distorted negative thoughts, and that was really the essence of cognitive therapy.” [29:26]

“…there’s something that you’re going to have to do, that you’re not going to want to do, to get better.” [45:52]


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