Social Anxiety: Here's How to Spot the Signs

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Social anxiety is often misdiagnosed or mistaken for something else. With the right diagnosis, finding the right treatment and recovery is possible. Especially with an anxiety disorder ; anxiety is at the root of mental illness.

In this interview, clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani and MedCircle host Kyle Kittleson break down how to spot the signs of social anxiety in a spouse, child, and in yourself. Discovering social anxiety symptoms is the first step in discovering how to cope with social anxiety and how to find the right social anxiety treatment & therapy . There is hope for overcoming social anxiety.

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  1. It just amazes me that all the bulliness and trouble she had in childhood didn't flow into her adulthood. I wish I could of been like that. I feel like the bully I had in High School made me into who I am today..if that makes any sense.

  2. In the seventh grade I had to read a story I wrote out loud and my voice disappeared and i ended up having my first panic attack that I am aware of. My crush at the time was the only one calming me down so I could speak

  3. Something right about myself:
    I always have a tendency to work on myself to better it, I fought a battle against depression, alone ,but won it, I fought self esteem alone and won it, I fought anger alone and won it.
    It’s social anxiety that never went away BUT I’m still working on it, and it did get slightly better each year!
    It’s always going to be hard and working on these stuff TAKES TIME, but I do it!

  4. The sad reality is that most people with social anxiety don't even have partners. Don't even get started with online dating. It doesn't work.

  5. I feel I am the sweetest and loveliest girl anyone could talk to.
    And what I find the most wonderful about my partner is that he can make anyone laugh about the situation irrespective of how serious the situation might sound.

  6. As philosopher,empath with social anxiety i can say that more than 90 percents of psychiatrists are either narcissistic,sociapathic or psychopatic.So i have philosophic question to u Why Good "Men with social anxiety,schizoprenics,autists…" doesnot work as psychiatrist in psychiatry sector but Evil "Narcissists,sociapaths,psychopats" works as psychiatrist?Are u so naive to think that Evil who hurting makes people schizoprenic,with social anxiety,autist…" will care the good,will heal the good?

  7. one thing right about myself is that I have an amazing sense of humor that brings so much great laughter into my life.

  8. Went to soho for the first time in for ever never have I had felt out of place and my bitch ass never going near da again

  9. Omg…I’ve literally had like five online relationships, it’s WAY more comfortable for me to do it behind a screen rather than in person. I’ve only had one in-person relationship, which was a girl in one of my classes in school, and every time we held hands or gave a little kiss to each other in public—even hugging—my body would heat up, I’d tremble, I’d get a little dizzy and I’d stutter almost the entire time.

    I tend to ditch my friends to go stand alone somewhere or to do something alone because they’re having fun being extroverts and I’m having fun not being noticed by people and being alone so my brain doesn’t have to go into overdrive, overthinking about every little interaction and thought others have towards me and mine towards them.

  10. It feels like even the times I do put myself out there, no one responds or cares. I don't feel rewarded even when I am vulnerable, so it's easier to just stay quiet. And there is a chronic feeling of being invisible. I see other people have friendships and relationships all of the time, why in my life is it so hard to feel connected to others? It doesn't feel like anyone cares to get to know me or acknowledge the things I do manage to say.

    Something I do right: If you do miraculously get me alone and I feel comfortable, I can't shut up! I love sharing feelings, thoughts and ideas. My boyfriend and I have hours long conversations, and it is one of my favorite past times in the world. He is the only person I feel I can be completely myself with.

    Something someone else does right: My boyfriend puts himself out there all of the time, and he has so many friends and social groups around him! He puts in a lot of work to maintain the friendships he has, and is so good at facing social situations regardless of actually being rejected by others before. He inspires me every single day, and shows me embracing himself just the way he is allows him to act without fear or needing other's validation; he knows he is enough without the approval of others.

    I would like to strive to embrace being unapologetically me. I can't make the entire world like me. I always felt like no one ever liked me growing up my entire life, I was always alone. You'd find me underneath the stairwell in school hiding away. My heart always pounded so hard in my chest even saying, "Here" for rollcall. I find myself hungry for even one person's approval now in my adult life, like Attention/Approval is its own need bar if I were a Sim from The Sims lol. I long for a social life as fruitful as my boyfriend's. Will anyone ever care about who I am, my experiences, or the things I like unless they align exactly with theirs? At times it doesn't seem like it. My own boyfriend's family to this day hasn't even asked what I do for a living. A guy online I attempted to befriend in a game we both played recently stopped talking to me after he found out I had a boyfriend – I guess I wasn't worth it if he couldn't get anything out of me. The handful of people I knew from school went off and found their own new friends. Every time my family bothers to talk to me, it's just to immediately go off about their own problems or life.

    I take so much time listening and being curious and kind towards others, but it seems like no one is curious about me, my hobbies or my life. A part of me believes no one truly cares about anyone else but themselves. In a world of 8 billion other souls, I feel so alone.

  11. I find it easier to talk with unfamiliar faces than familiar one. I know it strange but I don't understand why? Can anybody trll me?

  12. My brothers and sisters who has social anxiety pls dont waste time and money to doctors who cant heal u.If they cant heal reason(narcis,sociapaths,psyhopats) then how they can heal result(shizoprenics,men who has social anxiety.Ask doctor what do they heal reason or result?Goodness or Evil?Ownselves or ills?Just accept pain then u will find calm.Dont run away from pain coz pain is the truth.Only with pain u can return to God.Dont let sociapathic,narcissistic,psycopathic psychiatrs to take empathy,pain from u.Evil first hurts u then tries to heal u to think that evil is rescuer.Evil is everywhere in science,in art…..Evil has its own working mechanism.Ask yourselves why sociapthic,narcissistic,psychopatic leaders,ministers rule countries,this world.Why 90 percent of psychologs and psychiatrs are narcissistic,sociapthic,psychopatic.God bless u.

  13. I love working out and have done for the past few years but it almost got to the point where I was considering training from home as I found it so distressing walking into a busy gym despite being in relatively good shape. The fear of eye contact and being judged plagues me on a daily basics.

  14. I have a question… what if like we HAVE to do something. say, present in class, or introduce ourselves? and I just decide to like push through it? like it makes me extreme uncomfortable and very "watched" (all eyes on me) but I still do it?? if I don't them the anxiety kicks in and says that that could make someone think wrong of you?? honestly I am sooo over trying to figure out what the heck is going on with me, so can anyone tell me if this still fits in S.A.D??

  15. One great thing about me is I want to help others in difficulty. I have compassion and wish the best for others 🥰

  16. I remember this one time I had to present a project in my business and communication class. when it was my turn my voice was shaking, i kept on stuttering, and It felt like I couldn't stand anymore. The room was so quiet and everybody eyes was on took me a while just to finished.I just wanted to leave the classroom and never come back. I was so embarrassed 😔😭

  17. I'm good at what i do, and i admire my family's effort to be with me in all bad situations. I have so much social anxiety issue that i have refused job offers 😬. I just hope I'll be fine going through it..

  18. Weird thing i definitely had social anxiety all my life until 35 years of age, but the its like someone flipped a switch and poof its gone completely one day. I just realized as long as you deliberately don't put yourself in dangerous situations what's the worst that can happen…? They ignore you? Well frack them not worth your time anyways, try again and repeat. Most people as i found out will try to be as nice as possible when meeting you for the first time….

  19. Anyone else here ever walk in the mall and have to sit down because you feel that you’re walking weird and everyone can tell lol ?

  20. My issue is a catch 22. I have a fear that me being nervous and uncomfortable will make them nervous and uncomfortable. So I have an anxiety in engaging in conversation for long periods with people I’m not close to.

  21. I’m apart of a dance group, dance itself is hard because your teachers can be hard on you, and I feel like I’m always being judged. Either by my dance teachers or my teammates. Just yesterday actually, we had to do leaps and then our final leap has to be a different one you thought of but you can’t do what the person in front of you did. Of course the one I was going to do the person in front of me did and I had to go. I blanked and I apologised, but my dance teacher didn’t seem impressed and I did that in front of my team. I wanted to cry on the spot. I don’t talk a lot and I stay to myself at dance, but I’m actually a fun person when with close friends and family! It’s just hard because I’m afraid I’ll be judged. It doesn’t help that all my teammates are extroverts and I am more of an introvert. I like to dance, but I feel so left out.

  22. It's mu sister's birthday right now and I'm eating outside the house apart from everyone because I feel like I'm always judged in their minds. I feel alone.

  23. About to lose a job I just got hired at because I'm afraid to interact with people. I'm 32, have no friends, no relationship, my parents are getting older. -_- Basically feel like a ghost that's already crossed over.

  24. My stomach aches everytime when im uncomfortable and surrounded with random people. I drop out of college cause i cant even sit in the room cause of stomach pain. I just go home and get scolded and it make it worst.. Its been so long since my father died but i think he caused my anxiety problem.When i was young he beats me when a lot of people are watching and i was so embarrassed i just run home everytime.
    I still dont know why i haven't killed myself but i think ill be fine. Time will tell.

  25. I feel that i'm being judged no matter where i go.
    I feel that i always need to worry about what other people are thinking of me.
    I feel that everytime someone walks by me, i have to look perfect.
    I feel my heart beating so fast whenever i'm called on by a teacher infront of my class.
    I feel scared about humiliating myself and act in ways that just isn't me.
    I feel the need to turn around when i see someone else headed for the same place i am.

  26. I got anxiety lately when my mum got diagnosed with cancer and I just got really worried about her in the day and I started to just not concentrate and just cry most of the time

  27. I’m three beers and two diazepam down just to cope with meeting my friends, I know this isn’t healthy

    I’m glad there are videos like this to help people who struggle to even look at group of friends and struggle to have a conversation without panicking

    I hope I can overcome this daft fear

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