Should I take probiotic supplements every day?

If you’ve recently had to take antibiotics or you’re feeling run down, someone has probably suggested probiotics.

We normally find these “good gut bacteria” in our food. But now, there’s growing buzz around drinking live cultures and taking daily supplements even when you’re healthy.

The scientific evidence for healthy people is actually pretty slim. Surprisingly, probiotics might do more harm than good.

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  1. I have a digestive problems and probiotics have relieved me, I never used to go to the toilet for days! But now I go twice a day and I’m no longer constipated and my stomach feels good. Now I’m just worried if I should do this my entire life😕

  2. When my youngest was 2 years old, she had 3 different courses of antibiotics for an infected fingernail. When still not cleared up, they finally swabbed and it turned out to be thrush. A simple cream sorted it out.
    She was weaned from breastfeeding 6 months before this. She was never the same after the antibiotics. Vital wheeze, cold after cold, then severe pneumonia. At 3.5yrs old, she was diagnosed type 1 diabetic and celiac disease. I will never forgive myself for pushing the doctors to help her infected finger. I believe that the antibiotics played a strong part. Her sister is only 1.5yrs older and she is barely sick with nothing wrong with her.

  3. You're appendix contains a "copy" of you're gut bacterias that was build up since you were born and can/will be released into you're gut after anti-biotics to help you restore it.

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