Separation anxiety is no joke, and I share how I fixed my dog’s anxiety in the crate, when I left him.

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  1. So we last minute adopted a puppy. He has been rehomed 3 times. I am his 4th home in 4 months, he is an absolute sweet heart, but I only work 3 days a week about 4-5 hours. I’ve been on vacation the past 1 1/2 week. Trying to train him but he tries to use his teeth to break out and makes his gums bleed. He has learned to go in the crate willingly for food but once he is done he is panicking to get out.

    I’ve tried frozen lick mat
    Filled a hooves with peanut butter and treats and freeze. ( he likes it but when I walk away he stops and whines, when he seems me he is fine and continues to eat it)
    I’ve bought him a throw blanket it I slept with it so it has my scent.
    We’ve done inside outside game. But once I close the crate to take a few steps back immediately freaks out.

    I tried give him the frozen lick mat and snuck out on a quick 20 minute drive so I wouldn’t feel bad and let him out too soon, but he is non stop and will NOT take a break from crying. At all even with food. I need to go back to work in 2 days but I don’t want him so stressed, my husband is getting deployed soon, and our older dog is perfectly fine in his crate and they can see each other threw it.

  2. Should we wait to leave in alone in a room after he’s potty trained? 2mo old and just got him 4 days ago. He was fine in his crate the first 2 night, now the last 2 nights he’s screaming crying and then poops in the crate 😵‍💫

  3. Thank you so much for this video, my dog (found as stray) is heartworm+ so boredom is definitely there as he can’t be exercised (for months 😞) hoping there’s solutions to cure his boredom without physical activity

  4. My mom passed away suddenly, its greatly affected her dog (now my dog) and now hes greatly dependent on me and im at a loss on what to do, its been so bad and were moving out of a house and into an apartment soon so ive been anxious. i hope these tips help

  5. Hello, I am a first dog owner and I have a 4 year old beagle named Hunter. He is such a great dog, but he has had separation anxiety almost all his life. Since I am a first dog owner, I did not notice when he first started showing signs of separation anxiety and so I was not able to help him during his early stages. I feel guilty when ever we leave him alone because I know I could have helped him to get over it a lot sooner, now it will be a lot harder, but at least I have the time and guidance to help him. Although I do have a question: Is it possible to help Hunter even though my family is not on the same page when leaving the house? I know I can fix my dogs anxiety of being left alone, but even though my family loves him, they see him as my dog my responsibility. Thankyou for this video its been of great help. Thankyou!

  6. Thank you for this. Just got my new baby. You made me stop panicking and realise it’s more a new isolation issue. Constant questioning myself atm. Xx

  7. Hey thanks for the tips, so if you don’t leave your dog alone with toys/chews what do you leave them with? I understand that they could potentially choke if left unsupervised. However, will this not leave them bored ? Thanks

  8. Our family dog has just started peeing and scratching her nose in the crate when we leave. 10 month old pyredoodle.

  9. I work with extreme behaviors and aggression. You're tips are proven and priceless. Kudos on an excellent video. Best practice section rocks, so does description of the difference between separation and isolation anxiety.

  10. Great vid, but the problem Im having with most tutorials is that im not fully understanding the initial start of the training. When you say leave your dog in a room for X amount of time, does that mean even if the dog is going crazy at the door trying to get out? Our dog(6 months) is fine with me leaving for work now, but my gf works from home, so its rare they not together. So she freaks if she sees my her leave..Even if Im there with treats and Kong. So would leaving them crying in a room (even when its made into doggy Disneyland) be the approach until they get used to it? Sorry, this isn't clear to me but end result makes sense. She can actually be quite independent and doesn't always need to be in same room as gf. Will happily play outside for hours with or without me or gf. I can take her on runs without gf no problem. But let her hear keys or see my gf go out the door, and our carpets start getting scared ;). She will mostly just cry at the door if im still around though. Destruction more comes when we both not there and she is bored and anxious like you say. So far only thing that keeps her calm is if i distract her outside and she doesnt see my gf leave. But that becomes hard if we both need to leave though. Definitely taking the advice on keeping her brain even more stimulated! Sorry on long post! Thought context would help.

  11. Hi Rachel I’ve heard from several instructors your not supposed to leave bedding in the crate – oops I was doing that from day 1 with my little 4 Month old chiwinnie mix . It’s been 11 weeks now and it’s impossible to get her into the crate with just the plastic tray !! And not I’m stressed out from what the instructors are putting so much fear in my head about her chewing and injecting ANYTHING I leave in her crate. But she doesn’t chew the soft bed in the crate and it’s the only way she’ll go in willingly and happily !! Help !!
    Should I really try to just put her in the crate on the cold plastic tray at this point and expect her to stay there without crying and being miserable

  12. 1. Spread the love with other members of the house
    2. Teach them new tricks
    3. Don’t make a fuss about coming back
    4. Make the room disneyland (feed them, tricks, etc.)
    5. Practice random opening the door, going up the stairs, so they don’t associate that with you leaving.
    6. Frozen stuffed kong or hiding things around the room
    7. The anxiety is probably your fault

  13. What if you made them a happy place but they destroy it and go crazy? My dog slams himself against his cage, pulls anything into it and rips it all apart. I also keep him in a room with our other dog so he isn’t alone. He’s in a separate cage but both cages are in eye range of another and sometimes right next to one another but it’s all the same

  14. I’ve made the room Disneyland and she still doesn’t like it 😭😭😭😭 my goodness

  15. I just adopted a 5 month old dachshund/ rat terrier. He is VERY anxious when I leave… Anywhere. Even to another room. I've tried giving him various treats but he doesn't like any of them! Any ideas?

  16. Crate your dog ok but we crate in our laundry so room to walk around door open and come out water toys it works. Be locked up is terrible. There nocturnal remember.

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