1. Bai tu ek baar bodybuilding me ghus k dekh tuje pata chal jayega ki in sab cheezon ki kya importance hai kabhi intense workout kia hai agar kia hota to aisi bate nahi krte bhai tum

  2. Tumhare jaise jhola chaap launde bas ek betukka sa point pakdoge aur bro science ke pool mein ghaseetne lagte ho apne Noob subscribers ya aisi audience ko dikhane ke liye, jo nutrition and exercise ki knowledge nahi rakhte. Tarun and Rohit ko ki galtiyaan nikalna chor do, unke trainers tumse lakh guna qualified and experienced hain. Wo result bhi derahe hain. Ab tum ro ke bologe ki Injection liye hain. To bhai humne bhi dekhe hain injection wale aur le le ke bhi kuch na body bana paye.

  3. He's going to represent our country. Rather than spreading hatred and demotivating him, support him. Please don't make videos if you don't have any content….rather than taking Rohit Khatri as your content…

  4. What ever Rohit Khatri is using or promoting is his choice ##…. But atleast u should respect and appreciate his hardwork and dedication which is vry impressive…………..

  5. Baki knowledge aapki bohot achi and informational videos banate but just respect the sport and motivation dia karo but plzzz don't demotivate people from such a beautiful sport

  6. Bro aapke videos demotivational hoti hai bodybuilding is such a beautiful sport just wrong coach ki wajah se death hoti hai otherwise there are so many bodybuilders who are retired and still working out with full power and ek bodybuilder pehle body pe dhyaan dega fir health pe yehi aag and sacrifice and apni life stake pe rakhna bodybuilding hai so plzzzz itna demotivate matt kia karo

  7. Brother perhaps you are mistaken, Rohit Khatri ne Carbs Blend use kiya naki Mass Gainer. There is a difference. Many people like you think that Maltodextrin is bad, but let me tell you that Maltodextrin is one of the best carbohydrate to spike your insulin levels. Ab aap sochenge ki insulin spike kaahe krna to bhaiya agar aap protein lene se pehle insulin spike krein to absorption better hoti hai. When you finish your workout, your glycogen store is almost empty, us time pe aapko protein se jyada carbs nd water ki requirement hoti hai. Is time pe Maltodextrin is the best. Hum Indians ki yehi dikket hai, knowledge hota nahin hai or youtube pe doctor ban jaate.. Government should take an action against such youtubers who are acting as nutrition expert or doctors without any relevant course. Ye serious topic hote, aapko video he bnani to kisi or topic pe bna lo jis se kisi ko harm na ho.

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