Re-Entry Anxiety After COVID 19: What You Need to Know

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There’s a lot of anxiety surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. Here’s advice from a psychologist on what you should know right now. A a legitimate, thorough understanding of anxiety is crucial right now in maintaining your mental health.

This video alls sheds light on when to know if anxiety becomes clinical, and how to cope with it.

Anxiety during the coronavirus outbreak is extremely widespread. Psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula is a leading expert on anxiety and the psychology of how it affects day to day life, especially during times of crisis.

The panic can be hard to deal with. In this interview discussion, Dr. Ramani and MedCircle host Kyle Kittleson discuss what to do when this panic around such a widespread disease becomes clinical anxiety.

– Coronavirus fear / coronavirus stress vs clinical anxiety
– What an anxiety disorder looks like
– The average age of onset of clinical anxiety
– What co-occurring disorders you or someone you love may be experiencing during the coronavirus outbreak
– How many different types of anxiety there are (so you can spot the signs of what you may be experiencing during the coronavirus outbreak
– What agoraphobia, panic disorders, generalized anxiety disorder, and social anxiety all look like

Fear around the coronavirus spread, coronavirus symptoms, and other COVID 19 effects is real. Seek more mental health help at

More information from the CDC on the corona virus:
World Health Organization (WHO):


  1. This beautiful woman Dr.Ramani, explains everything so articulately.The interviewer is so honest and that creates for a perfect program to help many people who suffer from whatever anxiety they happen to be experiencing.💚Thank you both.

  2. I'm so glad the algorithm gave me MedCircle. When I had a nervous breakdown in Dec 2017, I needed this. But I'm learning more about mental health I'm so grateful that your Dr's are sharing so much information with us for free while we work towards accessing therapy.

  3. You are spot on in the age when these disorder hits for me it was Exactly 31 years old. I want to thank you for being able to explain so well in such a simple way how this all occurs for so many of us.

  4. Go easy on yourself if you're experiencing more depression or anxiety than usual. You're not alone in your struggles. Maintain a routine as best you can. Even if you're stuck at home, try to stick to your regular sleep, school, meal, or work schedule. This can help you maintain a sense of normalcy.

  5. I agree with her so much. I am 32 and have been suffering from anxiety for past couple of years and it gets worse. I hope it gets better soon.

  6. That you need to get a grip, how do you think someone in prison on petty charges feels about getting out? While you were just stuck at home playing animal crossing. Weak generation

  7. 🤝🤝🤝 People all around the world not only face with covid-19 , but also face with its consequences such as : stressors , trauma, PTSD, melancholic depression, suicidal thoughts , hopelessness, jobless , complicated grief , mental health crisis risks , etc.
    WHO & WPA & WB should play its important roles to resolve these issues as soon as possible.
    Pray for our humanities !
    Huge loves from Cambodian people

  8. It's the sitting inside my house looking out and desperately torturing myself because i want to go out and feel free and look like im confidently going about life like the people I'm watching, the best way to describe it is a mental prison i want to but i cant. The mental barrier may aswel be a physical one

  9. 6. Poor sleep not only does anxiety create poor sleep, a lack of quality sleep can lead to anxiety, stress and depression, a sort of circular impact. Brahmi capsules from planet ayurveda are effective in soothing your brain nerves and improves sleep quality.

  10. Yeah when I was in elementary school I used to be deathly scared of talking on the phone. I also cried when I got 80% on a math quiz because my dad expected me to get 100% every single time. I'm 30 now and it's still wrecking my life.

  11. I used to have a rumination problem when I was around the age of 12-14. It may sound silly that a little girl was experiencing something so difficult, but those were probably the worst years of my life. It went from rumination to depression, and I became less active socially, and less willing to do things. The thoughts that had me rethinking them over and over again were so mind numbingly stupid, and that was what made the whole thing even more frustrating. I’m at least happy to be able to watch this, and understand that what I was going through has a label. I don’t feel as stupid for thinking that way now:)

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  13. 13:50, when she is talking about agoraphobia, divorce, panic attack, thats literally my dads experiences. He rarely leaves the house, has no friends besides his brother, now that my brother has twins he is there all the time. But he does not do his own shopping, he NEVER takes spontaneous walks. Nothing spontaneous ever. Plus he have narcissistic traits. It was tough growing up…

  14. I have been incredibly depressed after leaving an abusive relationship. Covid has made it so much worse because I can't get in person counselling but I found an amazing site that has helped a lot and wanted to share it in case anyone else has been struggling during lockdown.

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  16. I'll be going back to therapy next week and plan on requesting medication which is huge for me because I haven't had meds in 15 years. This whole channel has been so helpful for me. I had no idea I let myself slip so much with my mental health.

  17. My boyfriend told me that he gets anxiety when I leave the room, thinking that I might not come back etc. He gets genuinely very scared. I’m really not sure what anxiety category this is!

  18. or been in pain fool relationship with narcissists. i stil struggling Kent get over .agry with my self how com i did know they treated me bad, but i didn't live i let my self down.its been painful its hard to get in to close friendship. there always i questioning are this person gona let me down ?ken i trust?????
    do u think i need some help to treat this problem?

  19. I experienced agoraphobia and it is awful and extremely hard to face the fears, but it is the only way to get better.

  20. I started talking about my anxiety on my YouTube channel and it helped me reflect on the positives in my life

  21. My anxiety was at it heaviest about 15 years ago. It was literally disabeling. Thank you 2020, for triggering all my old phobias and anxiety problems. Do you fucking know how much time and money I spend on therapy and medicine?

  22. Love prayers an good vibes to anyone battling the anxiety, isolation, hatred and anger due to this virus.
    A random, sad, lonely, hippie chick in North Carolina

  23. I wish this video had mad some mention about dealing with anxiety in the pandemic (as suggested by the title). I'd be curious to hear MedCircle's perspective on dealing with anxiety in the pandemic and what might be considered "normal anxiety" in the current situation.

  24. Nice information. . Meditation is the practical way to handle anxiety Watch alternate nostril breathing meditation videos on Google search and do this simple meditation for 10 to 15 minutes morning and night. Your mind will be reprogrammed to relax. You can also sit on a chair and do this meditation. Inhale and exhale slowly. You can also read the benefits of alternate nostril breathing meditation on Google search. Best wishes Shyaaam Sir, Mentor. Make meditation a daily habit

  25. The dominant components in GAD is worry and intolerance to uncertainty. Negative rumination is usually associated with depression (in the past), worry is future time travelling. Fear is NOW. Anxiety can be seen as a motivational (functional) force, but this is a bit of a misnomer. Anxiety is not genetic (although someone can be more genetically predisposed to it). Threat is genetic, not anxiety. they are different. We are all born with a primitive survival threat mechanism, which is non-conscious, anxiety is a leant conscious emotion. Anxiety comes from language and culture. We have around 36 plus different words relating to anxiety. most anxieties are generated in childhood. If our significant others/care givers have an anxiety disorder we are much more likely to get one. Why, because we are brought up in the same social/family environment, and absorb the anxious language and cultural interactions of people around us. We mirror other peoples emotional actions (culture) and they are contagious. Agoraphobia is related mostly with panic, but it is fear or anxious about being in open spaces like parking lots, market places and bridges. Odd thing is, it can also be in closed places like shops theatres and cinemas (Code F40.00) DSM-5.

  26. 2020 would be the most challenging year for all of us. It reminded us that everything is temporary in this world and we need to be enjoying every little moment no matter what life throws at us. The suicide rate spiked up like anything and anxiety, depression and fear of uncertainty were the real reasons behind them .I hope you are doing great now and have shown the tough times that you are tougher.

  27. Oddly enough, my anxiety lessened overall. Or maybe I felt more comfortable than most because it seemed like everyone else's anxiety levels rose closer to mine? The start of the shutdown felt like the world was all of the sudden doing what was somewhat normal for me, it was calming in a strange way.

  28. Is this happening to you, surge of overwhelming panic, heart palpitations and chest pain, trembling or shaking, hyperventilation, also experiencing hot flashes and chills? knowing you may have underlying health issues, worry about your future, and build up of stress from things such as finances and more… Well welcome to a new wave of non addictive, natural (home remedies) that are aimed to relieve areas such as Insomnia, Appetite loss, and Immune System response…with a few other benefits…Wanna learn more check this site out here @

  29. Never like these videos that end up making you even more anxious. Because now supposedly being anxious is bad for your health, so you're twice as anxious 🤦🏻‍♂️

  30. Great vid! This is such an important topic. I made a video yesterday about coping strategies to reduce coronavirus anxiety 💖

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