Psychiatric Interviews for Teaching: Anxiety

In this film, the GP is seeing a patient who has presented several times before with complaints of palpitations and shortness of breath.

The patient describes the onset of her problems, which was a panic attack. She has then gone on to develop agoraphobia. The problem has affected a number of areas of her life.

The GP explores the patient’s understanding of the problem and it is apparent that she has attributed this to a problem with her heart. The GP then goes on to give the patient an alternative explanation; that this is anxiety. She describes the physiological symptoms of anxiety and explains why avoidance is a problem.

Please note that this video has been made by the University of Nottingham for teaching purposes. The psychiatrist is a real psychiatrist but the patient is played by an actor.


  1. This is exactly how it happened for me but I was 12. I’m so so glad my therapist was as good as she was and found the right medicine on the first try.

  2. We are all human, so chances are the Doctor suffers from mental health issues, but cannot disclose this to anyone.

  3. Wow! 🤯 what an amazing doctor! I wish she was my doctor. I was diagnosed with GAD 6 months ago (I am now fully recovered) and saw 2 therapists and they never gave me an explanation like this! I now fully understand! Im sooo glad I stumbled across this video 🙏🏼

  4. as well I have panic disorder. Attacks started when I was a child. Nobody understand what is that. They thought it will pass but not. Right now I have 31 years old. It had been chronical unfortunately.

  5. OMG, I cant believe the doc left her hanging a week to discuss her options! I know it is acting… but come on, dont leave a fellow human hanging like that. 🙂

  6. Agreed: this is Anxiety. Anxiety causing- just by watching or listening. If this kind of interruption and leading approach works for you, great. If it doesn’t- don’t “panic”. Some great therapists offer a platform for space between words and actual unwinding of thoughts or breath. Also- considering the issue- an obvious resolution would be to ask the client to untie the bow that’s restricting her diaphragm. That kind of pressure most always causes anxiety.

  7. Are we ever going to see providers not wearing masks anymore. How do you connect with a patient when you are nothing more than a hazmat suit?

  8. How can the patient be so calm, warm and secure-seeming with the Dr? Doesn't seem anxious at all. Maybe Panic A. is different from other Anxiety.

  9. Watch this if you want panic attack. This is weird, i want to look the whole video, but i cant, cause all the symptoms she describes are coming to me.

  10. A great interviewer. She gathers information, supports the patient by saying "right" , and no hint of being judgmental.

  11. some comments are stupid, im sure this lady was not checked just once, she was back and fort thats why the doctor here showed up, instead of the usual doctor she usualy seek reassurance with. seeking reassurance for many many times making the anxiety worst, they becoming dependent in that kind of feeling of relief and cant help herself. the Word anxiety, wont be there if its not realy exist. and yes Diagnostic tests was very crucial, but? its not normal if youre the one whos forcing to have it instead of your doctor. and also ger doctor tells her shes fine, so what do you wany her to do? Huh? play doctor by herself? 😁😁😁 and still force the negative ones instead of the positive once? its not gonna cure her.

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