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There are many opinions about what prenatal vitamins are essential to helping your baby stay healthy. In this short video, Oakdale ObGyn dietician Kim Plessel talks about why prenatal vitamins matter, reviews the latest recommendations for prenatal vitamins, and how to choose those that are right for you. For an appointment, call 763-587-7000. Learn more about pregnancy services at


  1. it is no mpre than 400 mcg of folic acid or methylfolate. you can eat more found naturally in foods. no, not fortified although it is okay to eat those sparingly if it has a lot of folic acid

  2. Dr .. is it safe for pregnant women to use bone broth powder ..and is there any interference with turmeric and cinammon..thank you

  3. Is it safe to take over the counter prenatal vitamin from Wal-Mart when you are already pregnant???? Are there brands that are better than others or are they all the same in the end?

  4. well I'm 15 weeks and 2 days , I'm afraid it's to late,in taking baby and me 2 and it doesn't have folate in it worried it's to late

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