Pre-Workout Supplements: How To PROPERLY Use It To Boost Performance (Avoid Side Effects!)

When it comes to which supplements to take and the best workout supplements that are backed by evidence – pre workouts are definitely a top choice. But although pre workouts supplements are one of the most popular workout supplements within the fitness industry, most people just don’t use it in a way that maximizes its effectiveness while minimizing any potential side effects. For example: how often you take your pre-workout, how much you take, and when you take it are all important factors that will affect how well the supplement will benefit your workouts. Luckily, in this video I’ll discuss exactly how to take pre workout and how to use pre workout in order to maximize its beneficial effects in a safe manner.





Pre-workout benefits:

Pre-workout tolerance:

Pre-workout upper vs lower body effects:

Habitual caffeine dose:


  1. Hey please where is this song from!!! The song at the end!!! I’ve been looking for it for years!!

  2. I take it exclusively for leg days and everytime it hits me with the tickled , tickled hahaha 😆

  3. Best invention for bb. It's legal easy to take and like most of us work 40 hrs. And a good shot of pre workout really helps. I enjoy the pump more than caffeine. Caffeine does nothing to me

  4. The early 2000s no xplode/nitrix/cell mass was amazing. Whatever they put in there I wish I had more of

  5. I usually drink 2 or 3 cups of coffee a day and sometimes a monster while at work so i think i should be good with the content of caffeine in the pre workout

  6. Do the same rules apply to pre workout that doesn’t have caffeine in it? I do not like the jittery feeling I get after ingesting caffeine and was wondering what the benefits of non caffeinated pre workout are? Is it worth the price? What are some good brands?

  7. as someone with ADHD i dont take caffine cause it makes me tired, would pre workout have the same effect? i know its caffeinated but im wondering cause of the other ingredients like maybe it will give me the boost or would i remain uneffected?

  8. my pre workout?
    I keep a bottle of water and a bottle of caffeine+L-theanine
    next to my bed.
    When my alarm goes off at 4am,
    i hit the snooze,
    take 3 capsules,
    drink the bottle of water,
    and go back to sleep.
    When my alarm goes off again,
    I get out of bed and lift weights,
    which I keep right next to my bed.
    4-8 hours later,
    I eat about 500 calories.
    sometime before I go to bed,
    I eat another 1k-1.5k calories.
    I don't eat anything until at least 16 hours has elapsed between my last meal the previous day and my first meal the next day.
    Everyone has an opinion.
    That's mine.

  9. I remember taking pre-workout for the first time at around 7pm at night, didn’t get fall asleep til like 4am

  10. I sprinkle it on a spoon then heat it up with a lighter under it..after that I recommend you inject it through the penis for max effectiveness🫱🏽‍🫲🏻

  11. I started with half a scoop because i don't consume caffeine close to at all. Didn't feel anything. Then I tried the full scoop. Again didn't feel anything. Tried again on empty stomach, shaking tub, letting it rest, chugging it, sipping it and i still can't feel it. Can anyone help or explain why?

  12. A friend just gave me a little container of pre workout… I’ve been working out for 2 weeks and I’m trying to see how to safely take it… thanks for the video!

  13. How much water to take it with the wanna I wanna buy says 800ml or 25 ounces roughly that’s too much

  14. I work out with no music, no pre work outs/coffee, no depression and no break ups. My fuel for working out is unknown to even me. Only god knows what drives me.

  15. Since pre work out is danger I discontinue it and now i use cocaine and my muscles loves it

  16. Yes this is truth, without pre workout with caffeine i can barelly squat 140kgX4 but with pre-workout i can squat 140×8 like nothing
    but doing bench press without Pre workout and with pre-workout the stats are always same… 100kgX6

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