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  1. Steroids are very good against Covid too..UK researchers find it out..🤔🇬🇧👍but there now pfizer and MD got pills against covid now..if you unvaxed its the best option..

  2. Salicylic acid is more effective than DHA/EPA to inhibit PGs, TNF, IL6
    Glutathione is depleted in ICU and NAC is necessary

  3. They are deleting comments now. SMH. This channel gets worse by the year. First, you don't care about comments, now you do, obviously. Hypocrite.

  4. Dave's been to the Big House before for selling fake gear and he might end up there again for making BS claims to the average Meathead regarding the fight against Covid.. just like those Doctors from the Midwest over a year ago who ended up in the can for playing with people's lives by making bogus claims and prescribing Vitamin C shots to fight Covid.
    Singerman needs a bunky.

  5. Or you could stay a slave to your wife and son and not go out of the house unless the wife demands or the kid needs candy like dave

  6. We are all going to get Covid-Omicron one way or another. It’s inevitable. Natural immunity or the 2000 times less likely vaccinated folks, we all will get it!

    Stay home if you’d like or not! Oh and don’t forget to take your V-Mineralyze!

  7. Still no bodybuilders talking about how Covid attacks men with high androgens. Pierre kory gives anti androgens in his protocol. That’s a guy rogan uses.

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