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  1. “On the seventh day God made toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich, for a late night snack, and it was good!”

  2. skippy? Jesus. Have you read the ingredients? It's industrial sludge bro and has inflammatory oils like Palm oil I believe. Get organic nut butters.

  3. I love this house! shit, i wish it was easy to have a home like that in Hawaii without it costing a million $

  4. Just when you said about balancing lifting weights and running I was thinking about that. I have lost +5 pounds on my own by running and changing what I eat. But I believe and want to ask you that to be a better runner I need to be a very good weight lifter. What are your thoughts??

  5. I wonder why he chooses plant based fat rather than animal based fat. To say he’s upping his fat this still seems pretty low.

  6. I’ve been running a lot just recently and I’m trying to build my way up to an ultra from a little above a 5k. Im pretty fit and try to work on everything. I have a family and am living pretty tight on moneyright now but have a gym member and a desert to run in. I was wondering what are the best supplements to help recover and I’mprove on running and muscle and anything else that would be helpful that comes to mind?

  7. I’m getting faster on my half marathons by telling myself that Nicks beating my times and although he’s a stud he is a big guy and he should not beat my times as I’m like 72 kg – it’s working . Thanks for the motivation Nick . Your a beast ! GO ONE MORE!!

  8. It’s impossible to maintain that size with how much you run and bike. You really should do the TRT video because it’s tough to ignore the fact your not admitting the use of it. Very positive person and videos, I understand why you would choose to not admit it, but the deception is hard to ignore

  9. Kills me how fit and energetic Nick is. I lay around like a blob and still have no energy. I’m guessing its the constant Chic fi La and 🍕.

  10. I always find it interesting when people make health centric videos and I see things that if I had the choice, I’d avoid. Ketchup? Loaded with high fructose corn syrup. Peanut butter that almost certainly has palm oil in it. Fruits and veggies that probably aren’t organic. Idk… maybe it’s me, but I’ve researched enough to know what’s health and what’s not.

    As for the supplements, lol, you probably consumed well over a $100 worth in this video.

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