My Current Supplement Stack | Heart Health & So Much More

I like to do a video like this about every 3 or so months. In this supplement stack video I will be going over all the supplements I am now taking post heart attack. I also go over what I’m taking for immune support and performance. If you have any questions please ask them in the comments. As always thanks for watching.

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  1. RIP John, After the heart attack , wished you could have found a differant Avenel to health, think it was a clear sighn to slow and change your game, Please those headed in the same direction take note John is gone now. Rest in peace Brother.

  2. I dont understand if L carnitine is healthy or not for the heart. People talk different stuff about this. there are tons of videos tha say it's the opposite

  3. Thank you TUBE…i miss you MOUNTAIN…i never met you in person, but i cant even put into words 😢…

  4. I’m glad you’re 100%. Never met you but I really enjoy your videos, they’ve helped me a lot. There’s a certain level of trust that comes from you that I haven’t seen from tens of other bodybuilding “gurus” on the internet. Thank you.

  5. Thanks John for the information on supporting heart and kidney health. I’m glad that you are feeling better after your heart attack. I'm going to try the Ubigunol. As I had a heart transplant and I’m always looking to improve my ejection fraction on my new heart.

  6. Hi John. Have you been vaccinated yet against Covid 19? If so, did you continue to use this supplements? I'm wondering if there could be any concerns with any of these supplements interfering with the vaccine. Would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks, Shawn

  7. John, what do you think in regards to desiccated liver tablets and beef aminos? I've been using both universal and beverly products over the last 6 months. I know this is an old thread but you seen pretty responsive. You are also old school so you would know more about those liver tablets than most.

  8. thanks to john about the information and input into excellent products . i have tried granite recovery [just need that edge as i'm 50 plus a little unfit ] so being a bit tight on the budget i cleaned the empty recovery container with my next experiment product water the grind flavour deadlift n gummie bears [far out dude] the mix of the two [ holy gwokamollee] just throwing it out their give it a go half mix of both products [let me know what u think john] should their be part [a] and part [b] to crash the supplements together ? cheers

  9. Great content as usual, and I'm hoping you could answer this question for me: can I supplement with creatine during the holy month of Ramadan? I fast for some 14 hours, which means I have all night to rehydrate, bearing in mind that I never used creatine before and that it's quite temperate right now where I live; so I don't lose much water at all during the day. Also, I work out about an hour before I break my fast.

    I know I may be impatient, but man we lost enough time during the past year and I really want to make up for it

  10. Thanks for sharing. I noticed you didn't say anything about creatine. I'm fairly new to bodybuilding and I've been hearing good things about creatine, in particular monohydrate. I've been adding 5grams to my post workout protein shake and have starting taking 3 grams after breakfast on rest days. I just wanted to ask you what your thoughts are on creatine, especially after your heart attack. Thanks

  11. I see you don't do creatine in the 2 videos I've seen. Is there a reason you don't take it. And would you have a recommendation of one to add to my diet. Now I just use Granite recovery and Granite protein.

  12. Is there any weight loss/appetite suppressant supps you like? Its been years since I've used one but I've gained 20ish lbs during quarantine and haven't been able to lose it with lifting and cardio so I think my main issue is appetite. I haven't used a weight loss supplement in 6 or 7 years so I have no idea what is decent out there right now.

  13. Coupla suggestions………Try using grape seed extract instead of pycnogenol, it should be cheaper and contain more procyanidins, I believe, and also maybe 8 to 10 milligrams of folic acid……cheap and very good for your heart!! Great video, BTW!!

  14. Should you take your Recovery product / mix with Gatorade before workout ? Or does the Recovery have enough carbs / sugar already?

  15. Hi John, I like your Channel as you provide lot of scientific reasoning behind what you do, which is rare in the youtube community. Having said that one of the main reasons for any inflammatory diseases like Cardio vascular and others are diet and inflammation caused by diet. Our human body is not designed for taking chemicals and I would strongly discourage anyone taking chemicals inside their body be it any form of supplements. Being raised in India, I strongly believe in principles of Ayurveda / Chinese medicine , where food should be the medicine and not chemicals. We know the effect of inorganic foods to the plants and animals ( I saw you eating pasture raised eggs, grass fed butter / milk) so effects of chemicals on your body is known. While I don't know if you can maintain your current bodybuilding form without chemicals, We should question the purpose of that when the effects of these chemicals are questionable. I don't know if you will agree with me, but millions of years of human evolution has taught. us that nature and natural food is the right choice , which will greatly reduce our. chances of cancer, cardio vascular diseases and other. dietary conditions / ailments. Please continue your great work, but please think about this!

  16. Hey John, if I had to choose between your intra or essential amino, which should I go with? I cannot realistically afford both or your recovery x

  17. "We are born to die^ . No mention of Vitamin K2? I eat Natto. Fermentrd soybeans, an ancient food of Japanese Warriors, cardio protective. Available at Asian markets. Watch YouTube videos on how to consume. You can make your own. Ferments like yogurt costs pennies. High in protein. Enjoy. I also regularly eat ssrdines in olive oil for Omega 3. Best wishes.

  18. Dave from Quads recommended your premium pre-workout and I must say it’s probably one of the best I’ve taken so far. I’m planning on sticking to this brand for all my needs!!

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