Medicare Supplement Plans (The Top 3 Plans)

Medicare Supplement Plans (The Top 3 Plans)

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Medicare supplement plans, or Medigap, are currently providing seniors with some of the best health coverage they can ever ask for in their entire lives. Combined with Medicare Part A and B the supplement plans help pay the gaps or expenses in Medicare.

But there are a number of different plans and companies available which makes it difficult to choose the right one. And we help you find the best Medicare supplement coverage with the best company, and find the lowest premiums now and for many years to come.

Keep in mind all Medicare supplement plans are standardized by the government which means that all are the same from company to company. This means a plan G with mutual of Omaha is identical to a Plan G with Aetna or any other company.

But they all have different premiums! So how do you choose?

Well, you could call that an insurance company directs yourself, however on the other end of the line you will get one agent who sells one company. And if they don’t sell you that company, they don’t sell you anything.

So that’s them looking out for their best interest, and not yours. And where an independent Medicare supplement insurance agency and we shop all of the top companies.

The rates are identical when you allow us to help are not, so give us a call today and we’ll get you in the best spot when it comes to your Medicare supplement plan!

Call us today to find the best Medicare supplement plans in premiums in your area and easily apply. The enrollment process takes less than 10 minutes with our electronic applications.

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Medicare supplement plans 2022


  1. Excellent explanation of the subject, I will follow you for more of this content that catches my attention, if I have questions where can I contact you?

  2. Thank you for sharing this video, explaining and showing us about medicare supplement plans, I really appreciate it as I have learned a lot.

  3. Amazing video, really it is the most relevant and valuable for me. Really, we can easily know tips about Medicare Supplement Plans. I appreciate this video

  4. Great review was clearly understood what was expressed, thanks for sharing this, I like how you express yourself in your video, follow the successes, greetings

  5. I think this is one of the best Medicare Supplement Plans . Everything is explained clearly. Thank you so much for this excellent video.

  6. Is there a plan that is valid out of state?
    For example, I'm 64 and my AK/WA Blue Cross does not cover us while we are in VA for 3 months except for emergency procedures.

  7. I can't even read under the supplement plans its all cut off…ugggggg was hoping this will help me…cant see the whole picture this is sad….disappointed

  8. Out of all the ads I've seen, you were the most helpful. Every one else wants your life history before they tell you anything, if the tell anything at all. Unlike you, they want to bother you with hundreds of phone calls where you give us the option to call you plus helpful information Thanks again

  9. Was never explained to me that if you don’t sign up for medigap (supplement) in the beginning… and sign up for advantage plan… you may not be approved for medigap due to medical questions!

  10. Best presentation I have read or heard. Very clear. Great job clearing up some of the mystery. I wonder why government doesnt publish all the carriers and prices for Plan F, G, N…. why is this info held by the brokers and not something we can look up?

  11. Where are your rates posted and do you post dedictibles and co-pays etc. I am getting stuff in.mail and no mention of deductible s etc., like we are that stupid. I received one pkt. already filled out, ready for me to sign..Showed premiums.and did not mention any other costs. I dont know why this is even allowed. Why not run this like ACA, where on our own time we can research and make choices?

  12. I think its awful that we can't get a quote by email. But, the fault lies with the government and medicare who should publish the rates. I don't know why we can get the prescription rates online but not the rates for the supplements. I think the government is looking to steer us into the advantage plans.

  13. We are paying a lot for Part B. This should include everything that advantage and supplements offer and make it simple. Why is there other parts at all? You get Part A for free and Part B you pay, so why you need any extras when all of this should be included in part B that you are paying for?

  14. I receive texts but never a quote. Emails but never a quote. And the memory on my phone is full and my phone doesnt work anymore. I'm using a tablet and will buy a new phone this week. But, noone told me that when i turned 65, brokers would inundate me with texts and calls

  15. I had a Humana advantage plan when I first got on Medicare, it didn't do anything for me, most expenses where put on me. Never again.

  16. Another stumbling block every year is making sure your physicians and specialist stay on your plan or the plan you are changing to. Don't assume that your PCP 's etc will be on it next year. There are many instances they don't tell you that and you need to contact the insurance agency. Also, you need to specifically go over your individual drug classifications because, they change as well.

  17. I read you have a 6-month Medigap open enrollment period to apply with no medical questions asked, and after that you may still apply you just have to answer medical questions.

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