Medicare Supplement Plan F – Going Away in 2020?

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As of January 1st 2020 no newly eligible Medicare beneficiary will be able to purchase Medicare Supplement Plans C, F or High Deductible Plan F. A newly eligible Medicare beneficiary is described as someone who has attained age 65 or first become eligible for Medicare due to age, disability or end-stage renal disease on or after January 1, 2020.

It’s important to know that these plans are NOT just disappearing. If you already have a Medicare Supplement Plan F, C or High Deductible Plan F, you will be able to keep it for as long as you’d like. These plans are guaranteed renewable for life as long as you pay your premium. So, if you have a Plan F, you can keep it.
Additionally, if you turned 65 or became eligible for Medicare anytime before Jan. 1st 2020, you can still purchase Plan C, F or High Deductible F, even in the future. For example, if you turned 65 in 2015 and you went onto Medicare and purchased Plan G at that time, you are still eligible to purchase Plan F anytime in the future, even after 2020. The only people that will be exempt from these plans, Plans C F and High Deductible F, are folks who are turning 65 or become eligible for Medicare anytime after Jan. 1st 2020.

Since High Deductible Plan F is being affected by MACRA, a new Plan, High Deductible Plan G which will be available for newly eligible Medicare beneficiaries. This plan is expected to be structured just like the current High Deductible Plan F is today.

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  1. I am 77 – I have plan F & have had it since I turned 65 – I am moving from Oregon to California. So will I be able to keep plan F when I move?

    I am also concerned because I discovered just today that Plan f is supposed to pay my Part B medicare premium? Is this correct? Is this the premium that social security deducts from my SS check each month? I called Social Security about it and they said that they deduct it because Cigna, my supplemental company did not notify Social Security that they are paying for it. I am wondering if I am hearing and understanding this correctly. When I phoned Cigna – the person I spoke with had no knowledge about it.
    Thank you so much for all your assistance with these matters which are always pretty confusing for me. 💛

  2. Inam pretty confused about plan f which I have had for the past 11 years since I became eligible for medicare. I am pretty healthy so far at 76. I did jot catch what you meant when talking about those who will still have plan F as far as someything financially negative about it because there are more sickly people in an older group. Can you please clarify that? All these years I have been quite happy with it and never heard that negative.

  3. I have plan F. I had diagnosis of uterine cancer after i had a hysterectomy in 5/20. It was first stage A. It was determined after it was removed. Ive had tests and dont have any cancer. Is it an automatic “no” to get plan G because of that dx?

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  5. Hi Stephanie!
    I and my Mom have a bunch of questions. We will be calling you and excited to talk. We both live in Michigan, apart, but I want to help us both. She is 91 and I’m 63.
    I’ve watched a whole bunch of these and really appreciate your videos for the warm, down home family feel and get right to the point! Quality of them! I feel like I’m watching my niece and great niece! You do very well! Thank you! Patty

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