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TABLE OF CONTENTS – Medicare Insurance Companies
Most Popular YouTube Medicare Videos: 3:50
Why I Disagree with my Competition: 6:03
Most Important Fact of Medicare Choices 7:05
Proof – Medicare Supplement Insurance Company: 08:30
Medicare Supplement – Claims Paying Experience: 13:10
Medicare Supplement – Benefits: 14:50
Medicare Supplement – Customer Service 17:40
Medicare Supplement Pricing – Attained Age vs Issue Age vs Community Rated: 22:00

Medicare Advantage Plans vs Medicare Supplement Plans

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Medicare Supplement Insurance Company

This is Part II of our Medicare Supplement Insurance Company – How to Research series.
See Part 1 here:

If you are researching Medicare supplement plans and are trying to figure out which insurance company might be best, this video is for you.

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So, you have found the right Medicare supplement plan, but which insurance company should you go with? How do you research Medicare supplement insurance companies? Which is the best Medicare supplement insurance company in your area?
Of all the decisions that must be made when starting Medicare, choosing the wrong insurance company will have the greatest negative impact on your lifetime Medicare costs. More so than which Medicare supplement plan you choose.
In fact, choosing the wrong Medicare supplement insurance company can result in your paying more than twice the premium over your lifetime than you would pay for the exact same benefits with the right company.
How do you research a Medicare supplement insurance company?
When I decided to make a video on researching an insurance company the first thing became apparent was that there is simply too much information to share for one video. That is why this is number two in a three-part series. The first video goes over the number one most common mistake I see people make. It’s a mistake that almost always results in a bad decision, which is why there is an entire video on the subject.
The second thing I realized is that no matter how often I try to steer people toward the right way to research an insurance company, unless I go over what not to do, they always revert to tangents that are not relevant to a Medicare supplement insurance company.
Can you imagine spending days if not weeks on your research only to find out what you are researching isn’t relevant to your Medicare? I want to help you avoid that mistake.
That is why this video is going to focus on what not to do, and why. Where have others gone wrong in their research that corners themselves into a bad decision. Once you know what not to do and why, learning where to focus your energy will be a breeze.

I must stress my strong disagreement with some of my competitors and friends on YouTube that trigger your emotions so that you fear price increases. There are videos that show outrageous price increases on certain plans. What is not said or shown is that they are using price increases from small, second or third tier insurance companies. Companies that I avoid and would never recommend to a client. They are scary price increases for sure but are not representative of industry averages or norms.
Your Medicare decisions should be based on logic, not emotion. On Knowledge, not fear. And on the truth, not deception. Do not let anyone scare you out of a supplement plan that may be right for you.

The simple truth is that price increases over time are influenced more by the insurance company you choose to manage your Medicare supplement plan, than by the supplement plan itself.

The answer is simply that in general, you should expect that the more benefits a plan offers, the higher the average annual price increases over time. For example, a Medicare supplement Plan F should increase in price at a faster rate than Medicare supplement Plan G, which in turn should increase at a rate faster than Medicare supplement Plan N and so on.

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  1. I just called your office to find out about your office hours & where you’re at and spoke to Britney one of your agent who is very pleasant.
    I told her that I have to call back during your business hour with so too many questions

  2. I found the information in this video very helpful as I will be searching out my medicare supplement soon! Thank you!!

  3. I enjoy your videos a lot, I have couple questions need your advice. I have original Medicare & supplement plan ‘J’. The plan J was removed by AARP and change to other plan, does this change the supplement benefit to me? My 2nd question is can I shift my Medicare from one medical group to another any time of the year? Thanks for your help.

  4. Lots of information here but I was waiting to hear company names based on the title of this video. I know there are tons of companies but there must be the top 5 of medicare companies or the top 5 companies that keep increases lower than others. That was never discussed.

  5. WOW … wished you were here 7 years ago ( I’m 72 ) …

    I’ve done tons of confused internet reading over years …

    You laid it out so well … systematically logically … with good Tips ! ( Dos and Don’ts )

    Medicare should put your series on the MUST SEE list when turn 64 !

    Thanks You … Thank You … Thank You …

  6. once you've picked a Plan G company, can you move to a Plan N or is that only possible if you undergo medical underwriting?

  7. What me and my wife aware of to take this medicare supplement is if we have medical problem later I mean in 1, 2, 3 yrs example then the insurance that we are paying premium will drop us because we had medical problems. Will that be possible? I need the answer pls sir

  8. Can we get our premium for both me and my wife and all that we pay to our medical expenses to our income tax. I hope you can answer me pls sir

  9. Mr. Matthew, thank you so much for helping me to understand my options. Medicare is a new language for me and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge so we can make an informed decision!

  10. Honestly when we turned 65 yrs old we did tried to understand so we know what insurance the best for me and my wife, unfortunately we had asked our primary Dr. She said our insurance is okey because it's chief w/c we had HMO both then. I retired 63 yrs old and me and my wife had the IEBW insurance covered us both. When I became 65 yrs old then I started had medicare. My wife was only 58 yrs old. We were paying my wife health insurance from my Union Pension deducted for $ more than $600 dollars a month and I had HMO because I had medicare and I was older definitely I need more help than my younger wife…My wife had PPO that she can go to any specialist without authorization unlike me who had medicare can't w/out authorization. Honestly it upsets me. Now both of us needs help to have the best insurance. If I could have heard your explanation we don't mine to have this Medicare Supplement with premium…It's over so we would like to know if we can still purchased Medicare Supplement sir pls. We need your answer pls THANKS

  11. Now since I'm 75 yrs old how much will it cause me for Medicare Supplement. Need you to answer me pls

  12. If I will get Medicare Supplement plan example Plan G and not taking any meds. I if I become sick in 2 or 3 years will the insurance that I will get Plan G, will the insurance will cancel my insurance due to my diagnosis after 2-3 yrs ? Pls I need the answer sir Thanks

  13. Recently I have found out that my Medicare supplement AETNA will not covered my eye sight, hearing and dental. I was frustrated and disappointed. I would like to ask a favor. Can you give me an insurance company that can help me to provide my needs to cover my eye sights, hearing and dental with monthly premium affordable. Thank you.

  14. I called the Senior savings Network that I got on one of your seminars. I thought you were on the E Coast of FL. They are in S Carolina. I hope to find out if I made the right decision calling them. I am on a waiting list till 11/10/21 for an agent to get back to me.

  15. Really appreciate all the information you provided in this video, as with all your videos. You answered so many questions I had, and now feel informed. Thanks

  16. It would be nice if these videos were numbered. I’m not sure how to find the first one or the next one now that I’ve listen to the one in the middle.

  17. It seemed I missed something, you showed a Plan G and a Plan N side by side and then to compared the low end price of Plan G with the high end of Plan N. In my mind you where attempting to compare apples and oranges. Plan G is higher than PLan N whether you look at the low end of pricing or high end. As I see it comes down to which plan best fits your needs. My only question is does each insurance company have any sort of rating? Is that rating tied to the price?

  18. A most excellent description of the situation. It was all interesting and very well laid out.

    You mention that this is a series. It would be helpful if you numbered the titles of the videos in the order that they should be watched.

  19. “There’s no pricing structure that turns an insurance company into a philanthropic organization.”
    Gold. I hope you enjoyed writing that as much as I enjoyed listening. 😂

  20. I noticed from watching your videos you not only match people to the right policy, but you also act as an advocate. I will be contacting you, I turn 65 in November.

  21. I like the 30 minutes. I have an employer Medicare advantage plan. I suffer chronic pain and need exercise. Will Medicare cover excersize at a health gym like xsport, vitamins, acupuncture, naturopathic doctors. Will your supplement plan cover complementary meds and services?

  22. Information I need. The idea of "extra" benefits being revokable didn't occur to me either. The wife calls those 'benefits' "window dressing." Relying on just Social Security and not being eligible for Medicaid is a "challenge" today. Now glad we grew up near poor. I'm "pre approved" for surviving the upcoming hard times. Stay safe!

  23. If I have an advantage plan and I move to a state in which my plan isn't offered, would I have to go with an advantage plan by a different provider or could I switch to original medicare? Would I have to go through underwriting? Thank you for your time.

  24. Enjoyed your seminars but can't find Medicare Insurance Companies best medicare supplement plans – Part 3 that you talked about in the other videos. Can you provide a direct link? Thank-you!

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