Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement Plans (Updated Review and Important Tips)

| (888) 465-9728 . Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplements, an updated and unbiased review. Comparing Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Plans can be confusing, and in this 2021 update I am going through a simple comparison of these two Medicare Plan options, and explaining the pros and cons of Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Plans. As an independent broker, we represent Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Plans alike, and the type of plan that is best for you is truly dependent upon your needs.

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  1. Hi ‘ this MUHAMMAD Asim ‘ I’m seeking for help regarding my son medicad and Medicare. I’m from New York and currently stuck in Houston Texas’ new in United state kindly a little guidance with your brilliant, amazing professionalism.

  2. My husband and I have Medicare and Medicaid. Medicaid pays our Medicare Part B premium so that amount is not deducted from our monthly Social Security Disability check. This is the only amount which Medicaid pays. We are responsible to pay our Part B deductible and 20% of the allowable amount of our doctor's bills and Medicare pays the 80% of the allowable amount, after our deductible is met. We also have a stand-alone PDP (Part D) with Humana with extra help. We have no deductible or premiums to pay with Part D. These plans are working well for us and so far we have not had any major health issues that will cause us any financial burdens to us.

    My question is this: Do we still need to have Medigap/supplement insurance with our Part A, Part B, and Part D Medicare? Does Medicaid serve as Medigap insurance? I do realize that Medicare Part A & B is our primary health insurance. We are on a fixed income with Social Security Disability being our only source of income.

  3. I've been waiting for you to mention that some states pay Part B for low income seniors. I am one of those seniors. My state pays my part B and I have a $0 monthly premium advantage plan that I have been on for 2 years. I was on original Medicare for 7 years. Choosing to change to the advantage plan is the best thing I have done as far as health insurance is concerned and as far as my budget is concerned. Apparently the network I'm in is better than some because there are hundreds of doctors to choose from and mine's on the list. I have dental, vision and hearing and a card that allows me $50 per quarter to pay for over the counter medical supplies. If not for my advantage plan I would be paying over $170 versus $0 monthly effective January 1 of 2022 and would not have a dime of vision or dental coverage. I don't require the hearing services but many do

  4. Thank you Stephanie. This is a great explanation on the differences between Supplement and Advantage. I am a military retiree and will turn 65 Feb 2022. I now feel informed and able to engage TRICARE and get to the bottom of my options!

  5. Great information. Our Part D plan is going from under $19/mo to almost $59/mo in 2022. So much for the increase in SS benefits! My question is, when we first got on Medicare for permanent disability, we were ineligible for an Advantage plan until we are 65 (or maybe it was 62?). For those of us under 60, who are getting SS for disability, are the only options straight Medicare with a Part D plan? And if I have a lot of prescriptions, I'm assuming it's better to take the higher monthly plans on Part D than the low/zero monthly premiums with the higher "per Rx" cost. It's all very confusing and I appreciate your in depth video!

  6. Here in Palm Beach County Florida the Advantage plans are numerous and competitive and the largest plans have extensive Doctor participation, particularly Humana. The supplement plans become unaffordable as you age, once you are in your upper 70’s or 80 years old or more, you can be paying $500 a month, plus drug plan etc. I see most folks cannot maintain them as they get old and really need them. Nightmare!

  7. It's all a bunch of crap my plan says I don't pay for copay but I still get billed for it and have to pay it

  8. Thank you for all the videos and information. However, people need to know that Medicare Advantage Plans are a scam. It has nothing to do with the government's traditional medicare except its name. It is a 100% for profit insurance company where your health is secondary, if at all. Its only okay for those 65 and older who are in great health. You pay low premiums and you don't generate too many claims. But when you get really sick (and we are all on the same journey to old age) MA will deny your claims forcing constant appeals and that is how they make their profit. MA is also how the moneyed interests are trying to privatize Medicare and remove any possibility of Medicare For All. Stay away from MA Plans…..stick with traditional Medicare and a supplemental plan.

  9. We just enrolled on an Advantage plan, now after watching your video we realized that it is a big mistake. We decided to retain our Supplement plan. My question is, can we just call them to cancel the enrollment before the enrollment period ends on Dec 7. What if they refuses? Is there a process that we need to follow to ensure that the enrollment is canceled. Thank you for your help.

  10. Stephanie I have a question. If you have been on an Advantage plan, can you go back to the Medicare part B plan if you decide?

  11. I am an insurance agent and I am astounded by these Medicare Commercials in TV that is telling people that they can get $1,500, free groceries, dental and vision. ALL lies and I have to explain to people that call in from all over the United States that there is NOTHING free. I will be reporting all this to CMS and to The Licensing bureau!

  12. Can you change from Advantage Plan to Traditional l Medicare if you are unhappy with your advantage plan.

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