Medicare Advantage Vs. Medicare Supplement – An Unbiased Comparison | (888) 465-9728
Comparing Medicare Supplement Insurance with Medicare Advantage Plans, and weighing the pros and cons of each.
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  1. Great information, thanks. But, when referring to the Advantage plan, I wasn't sure what you meant by the "plan not traveling with you?" Can you elaborate? Thanks again.

  2. Can you switch back from the advantage plan back to original Medicare option? Is this only allowed during open enrollment ? Also can you add the medigap during open enrollment or you can do it any time ?

  3. well explained , but why people choose adv if it doesn't cover like supp , even they pay 134$ if they have a limitation to choosing doctor

  4. i want you to know that you are one of my goto videos about medicare plans…im just wondering..can you also make a video about surgical vs doctors office videos? coz members confuses it..even i..for ex. a small injection…falls on surgery already…though its for claims dept already…thanks

  5. There are also Medicare Advantage PPO plans that work very well and use a large network of doctors in your area and across the country that are considered in-network. Alot of negativity out there on these plans. Much has changed since this video was made. Good information on the comparison but needs updating.

  6. Could you please comment on Medicare Advantage (Cost) plans which combine traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. I have such a plan with Kaiser Permanente and like it very much because I have the option of either using Kaiser network providers or going outside of Kaiser with traditional Medicare benefits if I want.

  7. good overall synopsis. I would content that most MOOPs are not 5-7K, but rather like 3-6.7k, and also that part makes it sound like you are covering the 1st 5-7k as she said, so that is a little biases, and dangerous. Gotta watch your verbiage with the senior demographic, you need to be EXACT. But overall, a decent job.

  8. Finally I finally get it lol. I've been trying to help out my mom and this video was very very helpful. Thank you 💗

  9. Im on original medicare. 39… Anf disabled. i need to goto a dentist and a eye doctor. I have not been in years because i have no coverage with medicare. medicare advantage seems like a ripoff.What are my options?

  10. . I seriously doubt any supplement or Medicare Advantage plan would accept me I have a heart condition (AFIB) and I have cancer.. Also I'm under 65. It sounds like my only option is to run with Medicare part A &B then add a Part D plan does this sound right?

  11. It does not matter WHAT Medicare Supplement Plans offer, because you can only GET one in the first 6 months after you become…# 1 Disabled (And they will NOT inform you of this) OR #2 Turn 65. IF YOU MISS THE WINDOW YOU CANNOT GET A SUPPLEMENTAL POLICY. Also, Insurance Agents will push the Advantage plans no matter what. They will tell you the Advantage plan is the best even if…there is no medical facility or staff that TAKES your plan within 100 miles. They get paid by the Insurance companies, not you. They have NO Fiduciary duty to you to tell you the truth or keep your best interests in mind.

  12. Social Security is a unstable investment that constantly changing in its policies and unsecured investment without interested earned on garnished wages withholdings. Most investments comes with a contract and signature required agreement with both parties and notary of specificied actual with holding and carry over assets to the surviving kins folks that would prevent money laundering issues. If you invest why do you need government to regulate your retirement on earned wages and on overtime work of a unstable investment.

  13. A lot of people don’t have to pay the part B premium it’s based on income and have you looked at the rate increases on med sups? There are amazing advantages to MED advantage

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