Mark's Sisson's Supplement Routine

Over the years, I’ve gathered ideas for that experimentation by reading the studies and listening to others talk about the choices they make. All of it together has—and continues to—inform the routine I follow to live the life I want.

I am sharing a bit about my choices for supplementation and what I take, when I take it, and why.


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  1. I like Mark and he has changed my life. Yes, there has been a lot of people before him including Atkins who was early, but there are much earlier to get into primal. I think Mark is getting on in years and he is looking to supplement his body. A normal progression. I am not on board yet, BUT I might be in 10 years if I get there.

  2. There is no evidence that oral probiotics implant in the colon. On the contrary, they do not. Most get degraded in the stomach and those remaining intact simply pass through. Putting a few non-native bacteria into a terrain of a trillion has little effect (except to lighten your wallet, of course).

  3. When doing a 48-72+ hr fast I skip all supplements and vitamins since the autophagy is doing more for my body than all pills, powders, and potions.

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