Malaysia’s Health Supplements Boom: What Are The Side Effects? | Undercover Asia | CNA Documentary

The demand for health supplements in Malaysia is soaring, with local brands and entrepreneurs making significant strides and profits. But there are side effects of this demand: An ecommerce marketplace for health products plagued by misleading claims and, in some cases, the illegal sale of unauthorised products.

One factor driving this growth is a digital marketing strategy that has outpaced the authorities’ ability to regulate the industry. Undercover Asia explores the impact of ecommerce tactics such as influencer marketing and dropshipping. We also dive deep into the source by investigating the cottage industry supporting the manufacturing and production of these supplements.

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About Undercover Asia 8: CNA’s award-winning investigative series Undercover Asia returns for the eighth season to uncover the hard truths in the underbelly of Asia, and help us understand the plight of the disenfranchised and the displaced.
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  1. Year of 2022.
    Many ads on these supplements still running actively on Facebook and Instagram, continue risking other people lives. Even though people have reported the ads yet there are so many kept popping out, if these supplements are the bullets to kill then social media like Facebook and Instagram is just the gun powder because they don't care, as long as they got the revenue from the advertisements.

  2. If you can believe messiah walking on water or 72 vir…. tual dates waiting for you at pearly Gate, you can believe anything like p…. Cows can fly.

  3. Did the Malaysians who watched that live stream Aliff did actually believed that "Miss Diana" was a "beauty queen from 1995"?? 🙄 like, for real?! So, beauties like Kavitha Sidhu, Mary Lourdes, etc never existed in the 90s?
    Plus, that Aliff guy is every inch a psychopath. From the way he speaks, body language, tone, eyes, etc., totally checks out as a psychopath.
    Well done, CNA, for this documentary. 💯

  4. The million-dollar-social-meida-influencer man doesn't actually care about the dangers of his product. Gonna paraphrase him: "Who's gonna buy my product if I put disclaimers on it?" With those arrogant words, folks who die because of his product…he's gonna have to answer to God one day. Their bloods are on his hands. 🙁

  5. The govt should have been very strict, create awareness and throw those who own such company in jail. Sad

  6. Every time I go back to Malaysian in the past few years I'm disgusted by driving down the highway you see a million billboards advertising all kinds of dodgy health products.
    Can we also talk about how misogynistic many of them are because the ones targeted at women focus on making "abang" happy instead of women's own health and pleasure.

  7. so, it is safe to consume those supplement when it already approve by medical only ?

  8. I thank god that me and my family don’t fall for these kind of stuff, we know there’s no way you can look better by consuming these stuff without any hard work of controlling your way of living like choosing healthy diets and working out. God i hope these health products end

  9. Shortcuts to gain overall good health can be successful… only healthy food.. exercise… healthy habits can bring you life long satisfaction….

  10. 🌟✨This video was brought to you by the kind contribution of big Pharma. 💯👍. Now go take our drugs to never cure you.

  11. Good documentary by CNA. Garbage product deserved its place in the bin. Overclaimed for the sake of promoting your product despite obvious medical hazard to prospective users is unethical in every way. Remember Malaysians, always get your health or food supplement from regulated pharmacies instead of these revenue-driven a******s whose responsibility stops once you have received their overclaimed products. Zero accountability.

  12. Those government should release the advertising policies like Chinese government:
    "celebrities must use products before they endorse them and that stars will be held jointly and severally liable with advertisers if they endorse false advertisements that harm consumers' legal rights"
    "The guidelines also outline the limits of endorsements. Stars are not allowed to endorse for medicine, medical instruments or health foods".

  13. Hope people wisen up fast….or crazy mofo's like these will be laughing their way to the bank even more….

  14. This is why politics in this country is still the same, this type of people exist in the con politician government clown itself and all this privatized con business losers as well. All of them is the bloody same.

  15. Congrats for exposing this bunch of clowns. Cheers. Bunch of bogan malays. They learn from the best too, NAJIB THE RAZAK LOSER.

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